Refresh Your Lingerie Drawer With These 5 Intimates Brands

Despite the fact that we’re living in a time where we are turning over the pieces in our wardrobe more quickly than ever, our lingerie drawer is often consistently in need of an update. Though it’s great that we’re able to make our underwear last the test of time, it’s also, well, kind of gross.


While it’s only normal to have a collection of granny panties from longer ago than you’d like to admit, with the new year around the corner, let’s allow that whole refresh-mindset to infiltrate our intimates. Because if we move so quickly with the rest of our closet, why should we give our undergarments even a fraction of that attention? A good pair of underwear is the foundation of any good outfit, and it’s time we treated it that way.


Below, find five lingerie brands you’ll want to hold on to—and show offfor years to come—at least, until that next refresh comes around ;).


Fruity Booty


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Introducing the grape scoopneck & brazilian. Available now online✨

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This London-based brand will make you bookmark all of its cute imagery until you finally decide to buy one of its sets for yourself. Fruity Booty’s collections are all one-off and limited-edition, and are made mostly from deadstock fabric. This is the perfect place to start if your underwear drawer needs a serious facelift.




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Elegance ✨@nycbambi in her set #wearyouare

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Sustainably made and suitable for a range of sizes, Kala is 2018’s answer to the comfortable undies and loungewear women really want. Word is inclusion sells, which might be why Kala has become the go-to for so many.


Girls In Paris


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Leo Love #leteindien #spice #spiceupyourlife #girlsinparis

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For underwear and lingerie that’s sexy in the charming, French-girl kind of way, check out Girls In Paris. Made in, yup, Paris, you can expect a lot of fancy lace, embroidery, and special detailing—and at some not-so-fancy prices.




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Mundies. Mon-dies? 🤦🏽‍♀️ Organic cotton undies, online now. #entireworld #anunmarriedwoman

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More of a no-frills type? Entireworld’s underwear is simple, sleek, made from organic cotton, and comes in just two colors: black and white. Sound good? Yeah, it does to us too.


Naked Intersection


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Handmade in Los Angeles, Naked Intersection’s panties are almost too pretty to cover up. Its sheer and ribbed styles are made from recycled fabrics and are produced in limited quantities. And we just can’t get enough.

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