Nicolas Ghesquière Might Start His Own Label Very Soon

Last night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Nicolas Ghesquière and Grace Coddington chatted about their collaboration for Louis Vuitton, a collection of very fun pet-inspired pieces with the signature LV logo. There were a lot of gems in the hour-long talk moderated by Alina Cho, and one of the major reveals was that Ghesquière may start his own eponymous label — and (possibly) soon.


Vogue reported that the Louis Vuitton creative director said:


“It’s true I have many more things to say at Vuitton—and they have many more things to ask me to say, obviously, so we have this idea to commit again for five more years. We did an announcement, which is quite unusual, to say there is stability, there is happiness, and voilà. The story is great so we want to celebrate this announcement. That means also I have more possibilities, absolutely, and one of these possibilities is to create my own name. So stay tuned.”



Ghesquière’s contract with Louis Vuitton was extended by five years, so it’s hard to tell whether his own label would come out during that time or after. Either way, it’s exciting news for a designer who has brought a singular voice and vitality to Balenciaga and, now, Louis Vuitton.


During the talk, he said of his nearly 15 years at Balenciaga, “I was trying to express a very personal vision with respect to the heritage the legacy of the house I was working for. Probably one of the things I’m most proud about is to help put back Balenciaga on the fashion map today.”


The duo, who have been friends and collaborators for almost 20 years, also talked about their famous Alice in Wonderland-themed shoot, early highlights from Coddington’s modeling career, and the Louis Vuitton Resort 2019 show that was a tribute to the former Vogue creative director. The show featured red-headed models, and Jennifer Connelly read aloud excerpts from Coddington’s memoir.


“I always admired the very personal style of Grace and the way she dressed over the years. She was always so eccentric. I think she has this particular English taste that is, yeah, eccentric,” Ghesquière said.


Photo from: Getty Images 

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