Skin Smart: Keep Your Pores Clear With This Essential

Having skin that’s prone to breakouts and blemishes is pretty tricky. While some face masks and moisturizers work for others, those harsh synthetics and chemicals can actually wreak havoc on your face, doing more harm than good. To keep your skin on the clearer path, there’s a golden phrase you should always be looking for on any of your skincare products: non comedogenic.


What Is Non Comedogenic Skincare?


Simply put, the term “non comedogenic” means that a certain skin-care product or cosmetic is specially formulated so it won’t cause clogged pores.


“The term ‘non comedogenic’ became popular in decades ago,” says board certified dermatologist and founder of Dr. Loretta skincare, Dr. Loretta Ciraldo. “In the 1970s rabbit ear testing was performed to see if ingredients and final formulas caused acne. If there was no acne after 4 weeks of daily application on a rabbit’s ear the product could be labeled ‘non comedogenic.'”


Thankfully, Dr. Ciraldo notes that animal testing in the U.S. isn’t a common practice anymore. But, that means it’s a bit harder to figure out if something is truly non comedogenic.


It’s truly very difficult to label something non comedogenic on human skin because our oil glands are so deep it can take up to 6 months to see acne from a skincare product,” she said. “So clinical testing for acne on humans isn’t commonly performed.”


While all of our skincare in theory should be non comedogenic, most products on the market contain harsh additives that can cause damage to sensitive skin types. If you notice that your skin freaks out to harsher products, you probably have sensitive, acne-prone skin that should stray away from these intense ingredients and formulas.


To tell if your skincare products are non comedogenic, start off by taking a look at the label. Most non comedogenic products say so clearly on the label, but if you really want to make sure, always do your skincare research and look over the ingredients list. While not clearly labeled non comedogenic, Dr. Loretta also suggests using oil-free products for acne-prone skin to avoid breaking out.


“If you are breaking out and have started to use a new product in the last three months, stop the product and see if your skin improves,” says Dr. Ciraldo.


She also notes that your hair products could also be the root of your acne flares. “I see more acne from hair products than skincare products,” she says. “Acne from hair products is often around the rim of the face and especially on the chin.” One of the biggest hair care culprits: argan oil.


One major thing to point out about non comedogenic skincare products is that while they do not cause acne, that does not mean they treat acne. So, don’t be surprised if your skin does not clear up after making the switch to non comedogenic products. You simply pair these non-clogging products with acne blasting cleansers, toners, and exfoliants for clearer and brighter skin days.


Using Non Comedogenic Moisturizers


One of the most notorious comedogenic skin care products around are moisturizers. These thick, creamy formulas may feel good once applied, but can actually be terrible for sensitive, acne prone pores.


With that being said, we know that moisturizers are obviously essential for retaining moisture in your skin. So, to give your skin the proper hydration it needs while staying clear of any future breakouts, your should always stray away from thicker, creamier moisturizers. Gel-like consistencies are easier for the skin to absorb, and thicker creams can leaves a greasy residue that can end up clogging your skin.


You should also be on the lookout for that handy dandy “non comedogenic” label. Finding a non comedogenic moisturizer can be a difficult task, but the search is worth it. Opting for one of these hidden treasures is an essential move to keeping your acne-prone skin clear and calm.


If you’re stuck on finding the right non comedogenic moisturizer for your skin, let us do the work for you. We dug far and wide to find some of the best, ultra-hydrating moisturizers that are guaranteed to do no harm to your pores. These light and airy hydrators are the perfect products to give your skin the hydration it’s been thirsting for, without creating any white or backheads.


So, stop harming your skin with harsh additives and make the switch to one (or all) of these quenching moisturizers. Your skin will thank you for it.


In need of a new moisturizer? Then try out these non comedogenic options.


Brighter Days Ahead



Intense Brightening Cream



Brighten and even our skin in one step with this cult-favorite moisturizer from Dr. Loretta. It works to firm your skin while evening your tone, creating bouncier and radiant skin that’s velvety smooth to the touch. Plus, it’s been clinically tested and shown not to cause breakouts: “We’ve done extensive clinical testing on our products with human paid volunteers and haven’t had any acne reactions to any of our Dr. Loretta moisturizers,” says Dr. Ciraldo.


‘Shroom Power



Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream 2 oz/ 60 mL



This non comedogenic moisturizer from Youth To The People is a fan favorite. Its deeply penetrating formula hydrates even the driest of skin types, without leading to breakouts and pimples. A blend of herbs and mushrooms work to calm the skin when it’s faced by daily physical stressors, pollutants, and UV rays, keeping your skin comfortable. Pentapeptide, another hero ingredient in this rejuvenating moisturizer, calms stress reactions in sensitive and irritated skin for a soothed, relaxed feel. This moisturizer tackles dryness, redness, fine lines, and wrinkles through its ethereal mixture of ashwagandha, rhodiola, reishi, and holy basil, making it a go-to skincare product for any sensitive or acne-prone skin type.


O-Mega, Oh My!



Squalane + Omega Repair Cream 1.69 oz/ 50 mL



We were shocked to find out that this ultra-rich cream is also non comedogenic. The thick, creamy consistency somehow absorbs into skin almost instantly, and helps fight dryness through its two star ingredients: squalane and omega fatty acids. These ingredients, along with ceramides and plant sterols, help nourish and restore your skin’s once-lost moisture. This moisturizer also works to replenish and strengthen skin, and has anti-aging benefits to help smoothen the look of unwanted texture, fine lines, and crepiness. If you have ultra-dry skin that’s sensitive to the touch, then this moisturizer is the perfect addition to your cautious skincare routine.


The Genius Effect



GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream 2 oz/ 60 mL



If aging is your biggest concern at the moment, then give this best-selling cream a try. This innovative moisturizer blasts your biggest aging concerns away by working to lift, firm, brighten, and nourish skin while combating deep wrinkles. This rich and luxurious cream is basically a face lift in a jar, which is why we love it so much. The cream contains some of our favorite ingredients in skin care — alguronic acid, plant collagen, and microalgae oil, to name a few — that work their magic on skin to leave you with a youthful glow, buoyant skin, and a hydrated feel.


A J-Beauty Favorite



Water Cream



This Japanese beauty brand is praised by just about every beauty guru under the sun for a reason — their products work wonders on skin. This moisturizer is one of the most beloved in modern skin care for its revolutionary formula, which leaves your skin feeling as smooth and soft as the finest silks money could buy. This lightweight gel-cream formula provides a nutrient-rich, balanced burst of hydration without leaving a sticky feel or greasy residue. Japanese botanicals work to clarify and refine skin, and Japanese superfoods nourish your skin with anti-aging components for a full-on rejuvenating treatment.


Coconut Craze



Hello FAB Coconut Water Cream 1.7 oz/ 50 mL



Coconut oil is one of the most popular skin care ingredients known to man, but a lot of people don’t realize that it’s comedogenic. That’s why you should try it’s pore-friendly alternative: coconut water. It’s much lighter on the skin than coconut oil, which makes it easier to absorb for a fully hydrating effect. Coconut water also contains invigorating electrolytes, amino acids, enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients to keep your skin in its tip-top shape. If you want to get a healthy dose of coconut water in your skin care regimen, then use this non comedogenic cream: it also contains sodium hyaluronate and alteromonas ferment to help reinforce skin’s moisture and protect against exposure to the elements. The results: smooth, soft, and plump skin.


Sun Smart



WASO Color-Smart Day Moisturizer Oil-Free Broad Spectrum SPF 30 1.9 oz/ 50 mL



If you have sensitive, acne prone skin that also happens to be oily, then you know the struggle of finding a moisturizer that’s just right. Well, prepare to be amazed, because Shiseido has the perfect moisturizer for your troubled pores. This mattifying, oil-free tinted moisturizer gives you long-lasting hydration while leaving a radiant glow. This moisturizer stands out from the rest through its skin color-adapting formula, which enhances your skin’s tone for a brighter, more vibrant look. Plus, it provides some much-needed UV protection!

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