Amber Rose Just Came Out With a Luxury, Unisex Vape

Psst, pass the…vape? Yes, you read correctly. Vaping—or Vape Life as it’s fondly referred to by some—is about to get a little bit fancier thanks to Kanye West’s former flame Amber Rose.

“I want it to feel like a celebration when they inhale,” Rose said in a statement.

Vape company KandyPen has teamed up with Rose on an “Amber Rose Collection” of vaporizers. But they’re not just any vaporizers. They’re made with “all-quartz crystal chambers and coils”, which means that the smoke is much smoother when it comes out of the pen. Read: you won’t cough up a lung when using this thing.

amber rose collection kandypen vape


The pen was also designed to be unisex.

I want the pen to not only represent my fans, but to be inclusive, so that anyone coming across my pen will resonate with it,” Rose continued. 

Each pen is dipped in a glossy “champagne” color and comes with a leather carrying case. They are available in two different color combos as well: Champagne/Gold, and Champagne/White. At around $148 per pen, they’re about as expensive as a nice bottle of champagne, too.

Only 100 pens were produced and sold, which means that they’re bound to sell out pretty quickly given the increasing public interest in the cannabis industry. According to KandyPen, the cannabis industry is projected to grow over $50 billion dollars this year alone.

That’s a lot of weed oil. Luckily, the New York City laws around cannabis are a-changing this summer.


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