My Love Affair With Hair Spray: A Shameless Confession

I used to have shit hair. It was naturally frizzy and unkempt my styling routine consisted of a lone paddle brush  and I had absolutely no shame. But one day, for absolutely no reason other than that I caught my reflection in a random store window, I found myself asking, “What the hell has happened to my hair?”


That’s when my experimental love-hate affair with my hair began.


I soon found myself on an extensive search to unlock the code to silky-smooth, pin-straight strands. As a self-described beauty junkie, I shudder at the thought of everything I did to my delicate locks: follicle-frying chemical treatments, an unhealthy relationship with my hair straightener, endless amounts of heavyweight product. I would spend hours for lackluster results; seriously, my hair had the texture of, what a former flame described as, “steel wool.”


One night over dinner, I was confessing my frustration with the itchy burns a bad hairstylist left on my scalp during a keratin treatment when a former coworker recommended I try IGK’s Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray. I nearly spit out my food when she told me I could get the results of a smoothing treatment from an aerosol can. How could a single hair spray actually replace hours of professional styling?


Turns out, it can. One whiff of its pungent salon-esque smell, and I knew I hit the jackpot. I followed the directions word-for-word  spray onto damp hair, then blow dry for the smoothest, straightest locks of a lifetime and, within minutes, my wooly tuft was sleek and tame. I felt like  Cher circa 1971. I finally created a sheen-filled head of hair, one without a single flyaway or strand out of shape, and it took all of 10 minutes.


These days, spritzing the product into my towel-dried hair feels like  foreplay: I know it’s going to lead to something great. I’ve gotten rid of  every serum and leave-in conditioner I used to coat my hair with, and I’ve committed to being in  a long-term relationship with this well-behaved spritzer. And I’m definitely not ashamed to admit it.



Good Behavior Protein Smoothing Spray - Assorted at Urban Outfitters


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