Is Olive Garden About to Drop a Makeup Palette?

How does the idea of Breadstick Bronzer sound? Marinara Rouge? If you’re an Olive Garden super-fan and the idea of truly embracing a breadstick lifestyle sounds like a dream, your favorite chain Italian restaurant is here for you.

Olive Garden tweeted a photo of a makeup palette this week with all Italian food-themed names, like Alfredo Awesome, Spaghetti Sparkle, Royal Ravioli, and Lasagna Lush. Twitter was, of course, very here for the beauty news. “Okay so you liked the subscription box… now what about a makeup palette?” the restaurant tweeted. 

The palette appears to have started out as a joke, but Olive Garden fans are into it…very into it. One Twitter user tweeted a GIF saying “This is what dreams are made of” and another shared the suggestion of making the palette smell like the restaurant’s food. Jeffree Star commented, saying “Is this real???” and the social-media savvy restaurant replied, “It needs to be!”

It wouldn’t be the first time a chain restaurant ventured into beauty. Red Lobster released a Cheddar Bay Biscuit Lip Balm, sadly not for sale, and KFC launched an Extra Crispy Sunscreen a few years ago. While these palettes might not be in-store anytime soon, Olive Garden responded to one Twitter user’s inquiry with, “It doesn’t exist just yet. Just in our dreams…”

Earlier this summer, the restaurant teased the idea of a breadstick subscription box. You can now order the chain’s breadsticks to go and placed in a box for a truly original (and tasty) gift. We’ll take both Breadstick Bronzer and a breadstick gift box, thank you very much.


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