The One-Shoulder Tank Is Back To Complete The 2003 Time Warp

It’s time to break out your platform Steve Madden slip ons and your light wash flare jeans because the transformation back to the year 2003 is complete. The one-shoulder top is back, and the outfit you once wore as a 12-year-old flirting with a boy at the next table at the Hard Rock Cafe on your family vacation to Myrtle Beach, can now be worn as a full blown adult… er, something like that.


The indecisive not quite a tank top, not quite a tube top relic of the early 2000s has made its way into the closets of fashion influencer elite—namely Kendall Jenner—and the throwback look will make you feel like you’ve stepped inside an episode of Laguna Beach waiting for Stee-VEN to decide between LC and Kristin.


Kendall’s green cropped style had a small string tie on the strap giving it that fresh off the racks at Limited Too vibe, and she paired it with oversized ripped jeans and sneakers. It’s an outfit that’s extremely simple, and totally derivative but I can’t help but pine for the summer day when I can whip one out and wear it myself.


Perhaps it’s because the one shoulder top reminds me of the days when a horrifying tan line didn’t matter, because basic was cool, and the outfit was worth it. Or maybe it’s that the fifteen-year fashion cycle is a brainwash and I’m just ready for my favorite preteen top to be back in my closet. No matter the reason, I’ve given in and here are the ones I’m lusting after. Thanks for the reminder, Kendall.



one shoulder tank top – White





Urban Outfitters

UO Ribbed One-Shoulder Tank Top





one shoulder gingham top – Multicolour




One Shoulder Crop Top




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