Stylist-Approved Styles For Your Face Shape: The Oval Edition

While we live with a no-limits policy when it comes to our style, sometimes, we just want a haircut that works with   our face shape. It can be a strenuous process of trial and error, but eventually, you’ll find something that works.


For those with oval-shaped faces, celebrity hair stylist Andrew Fitzsimons says your  jawline is oftentimes soft and longer in length than it is wide. Their face shape allows for ultimate versatility, serving as the perfect canvas for everything from  an overgrown pixie to lengthy waves.


“They are one of the most versatile face shapes, as almost every hairstyle will look best on you,” Fitzsimons says. “You can even decide what feature you’d like to highlight depending on the cut.”


Styles To Avoid When You Have An Oval Shaped Face


First, Fitzsimons recommends going for a shorter cut, rather than a long. “You’d don’t want to go very long as that will have the potential to lengthen your face and weigh down the style,” he says.


Garren, celebrity stylist and co-founder of R+Co, also suggests that oval-shaped face stay away from mono-length hairstyles. “Whether going with a long, medium or short haircut, the hair should be asymmetrical and have layers to add movement and break up the face,” he says.


Another tip Leo Izquierdo, co-founder of IGK Hair Care, has for oval face shapes is to avoid chin-hitting styles. That means no blunt chin bobs, and no styles that curl around the jaw area, as those can harshen your soft jawline a little too much.


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Going for the big chop soon? Fitzsimons recommends keeping it fresh with lots of volumizing layers, and keeping your length from pixie to shoulder-length. Also, don’t be afraid to go for an asymmetrical cut he says it will add softness to your face. “Just remember to go against the natural part of the hair for added volume and always add texture,” he notes.


Below, check out some of our stylist-approved haircuts to end 2018 off with a fresh, new cut.


Layered Shag


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For a mod ‘60s vibe, Garren suggests going for this cut. It works at any length and  softens your facial features. To create this look without it falling flat, add some body to your shag with the R+Co ANALOG Cleansing Foam. ”It gives the hair more meat and flexibility so hair doesn’t lay flat to head,” Garren says.



Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner



Side Bangs


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“If you do opt for a longer length, try adding bangs,” says Fitzsimons. “This will shorten face length, bring focus to the eyes and give you an edgier look—which you can certainly pull off!”


To give your long hair a fuller finish, try using a product that will amp up the volume, like the Sisley Paris Volumizing Spray.



Hair Rituel Volumizing Spray



Asymmetrical Bob


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Bobs can be tricky for oval-shaped faces, but Garren says it can be done: “For bobs you want to make sure it breaks into the chin or is asymmetrical and parted on the side, not in the middle.”


If you want to create a sleek, sultry finish to your bob, prep your hair with the R+Co GRID Structural Hold Setting Spray and get to straightening.



Grid Structural Setting Spray



Fringe Lob


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Izquierdo’s favorite look for these lengthy face types is this grungy style, especially for its ability to make your cheekbones and neck pop out. To give your fringe that extra messy look, a texturizing product is always essential. Just spritz some VERB Sea Texture Spray onto your locks whens styling, and you’re all set.



Sea Spray 6.3 oz.



Top Knot Bun


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Let’s be real: going all-out with styling everyday is just unrealistic. So, when you’re hanging out on a lazy Sunday, throw your hair up in a top knot bun. “Oval face shapes can also wear a topknot really well,” says Izquierdo. “It pulls the hair up and draws more attention to the eyes and facial features.”


If you’re skipping the shower (we’ve all been there), then you’re probably going to need some dry shampoo. A bit of OUAI Haircare’s Dry Shampoo will do just the trick, no matter how long you’ve gone without a thorough wash.



Dry Shampoo


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