Pants Are Disappearing At Paris Fashion Week

Finally, a trend at Paris Fashion Week that perfectly foreshadows upcoming college spring breaks—and any music festival anywhere. Pants are in very short supply this season, from Y/Project’s underwear-cut shorts to Rick Owens’ bare-legged, bodysuit-wearing models.


Pants Are Disappearing at Paris Fashion Week 4

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First, at YSL, we had Spring Breakers neon blended with classic Hollywood noir. And notably, there were bloomer shorts, or as the New York Times‘ Vanessa Friedman referred to them, evening diapers. (I had no idea I was all about the evening diaper till I thought of the many baggy-minuscule shorts in my summer wardrobe.)


Anthony Vaccarello’s bloomer shorts came down the runway in red-and-black striped fur, leopard print, red velvet, and silk. Worn with stiletto knee-high boots and tailored jackets with hems that were almost longer than the shorts, it was a sexy look.


Pants Are Disappearing at Paris Fashion Week 3


Over at Y/Project, a stand-out was a stockbroker-blue button-up tucked into what were essentially denim underwear. Are they *technically* shorts you can wear out in the world? Well, you don’t wear underwear with belts, now do you? 


Jackets with hems either as long or longer than the barely-there shorts has been the move this fashion week, from YSL’s blazers to, at Y/Project, a shearling-lined denim jacket paired over just a bodysuit.


Pants Are Disappearing at Paris Fashion Week

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Then, we had Rick Owens’ KISS-inspired glam-rock spectacular at Palais de Tokyo. He may be the Marilyn Manson of fashion, but this Owens show came with some levity alongside the designer’s signature freakiness. And what better way to stay carefree than to have some no-pants time?


Alongside 18-year-old body modification artist Salvia and models wearing horror-movie makeup, there were sheer camisoles that turned into bodysuits. Paired with blood-red and library-brown blazers and platform boots, it was a business lingerie vibe. 


Pants are out, bare pelvic bones are in.



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