How to Properly Mix Pastels Into Your Wardrobe

Along with Peter Pan collars and Mary Jane flats, pastels are just one of those endearing style elements from our childhoods that we don’t want to let go of. And there’s no reason that we can’t make cute collars, strapped shoes, and soft hues work in a mature wardrobe, but the question is how to do it right. With trending tones like Millennial pink and muted lavender, there’s nothing we want more for summer 2018 than to mix soft pastels into our looks.Auto Draft 2

We love using pink as an accent color in our overall look. The key is to keep the overall palette soft, i.e. no harsh browns and grays. Pick softer neutral tones like white or taupe, then mix in a pink pastel for one piece or a set of color-matched accessories.


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