Would You Pay $4,000 for Peloton’s New High-Tech Treadmill?

Peloton’s brand of “buy this special piece of equipment and follow our team of trainers through class after class of musing inspirations like, ‘Do epic shit, the road is your runway,’” may be keeping you rolling your eyes through an hour’s bike ride, but it’s hard to stay reluctant while watching Robin Arzon’s abs as she pushes you further than your predisposed expectations. By the end, it actually does leave you questioning, “Did I just accomplish something epic?”

But is the success of this system determined by its ease of coaching?  After all, you may be accomplishing miles, but alas you are stationary.  As the majority of boutique fitness studios are jumping online to reach the masses, is the future of remote training from the comfort of your home or hotel room?  While the home workout is nothing new, as we have all experienced the wonder that is Jane Fonda, thousands are still saddling up for this “elite cycling experience”.

Just as SoulCycle has expanded on their spirit-enticing spin classes with their group fitness love child SoulAnnex, Peloton launched their new spin on the bike: the ground-breaking treadmill.  Not too sure if this take on running-meets-boot camp will justify the price of a $4,000 treadmill…. but as promised the instructors, although maybe a bit too full of quippy words of wisdom, stack up as some of the best in the industry!  

In a world where a Spiderband workout is actually selling out, it’s clear that when it comes to fitness innovation, as long as it makes you sweat, leaves you feeling great, and somehow more optimistic, bring on the cheerleading trainers. There’s no price on finding the workout that keeps you showing up!


Photo courtesy of Uncrate


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