If I Had Money I’d Spend It All On This Perfect Summer Dress

Every week there are items we want so desperately that we’d be willing to spend our rent money, not pay our student loans, or eat ramen noodles for a month to be able to afford. Check back here every Tuesday for the items were willing to put everything on the line for.

Lately as I’ve been cleaning out my closet, I’ve realized that I’ve spent a lot of money on trendy printed dresses that haven’t aged well over time, so now I’m in desperate need of simple, chic summer dresses that I can wear to work and pair with fun sandals on the weekends. In search for something clean and elegant, I found this silk knee-length dress from Swedish designer Josephine Dahlin’s line, Deitas.

Her entire line is about minimalist basics that are made to be mixed and matched with pieces you already own. The brand has become a staple with influencers like Pernille Teisbaek and Giovanna Engelbert, and because of its versatile styling capabilities I am officially sold. From its lightweight silk material, to the voluminous sleeves, to the cool square neckline, it’s easy to see why this dress has become a favorite on and off the runway, and needs to be in my closet as soon as possible.


Kaspia Silk Mini Dress - Black


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