Plastic Girl in a Plastic World: How to Wear PVC

I like clothing that is simultaneously kind of tacky and also a little futuristic, which makes the current trend of all things plastic particularly well-suited to my sensibilities. Whether colored vinyl or clear PVC, plastic things have been popping up from clear Miu Miu coats to brightly hued vinyl bags. I had noticed plastic popping up here and there, first on Kim Kardashian in September 2016, when she debuted Yeezy’s Season 4 clear thigh-high boots. Over a year later, the trend still feels fresh, seen most recently at Chanel’s SS18 paradisiacal waterfall-centric show featuring clear PVC rainwear paired with ‘60s patterns and textures.

Many an unforgettable music video look can be attributed to plastic; it’s a material with a contradictory nature of sleek efficiency and rockstar sex appeal. Shania Twain wore vinyl pants in the music video “You Win My Love,” then pulled a baller move and had her background male musicians sporting tight black PVC pants in “Man! I Feel Like a Woman.” Both Michael and Janet Jackson wore black PVC pants in the 1995 “Scream” video, and Posh Spice rocked a PVC catsuit in the video for “Say You’ll Be There.” Even Audrey Hepburn wore a PVC trouser suit in Two for the Road. It’s a material that’s simultaneously all-business (hence the dominatrix effect) and all pleasure. There’s no room for funny business if you’re wearing a PVC catsuit.

One article even dubbed vinyl the “new leather,” which I think might be true. Once upon a time existing mostly in the territory of dominatrices and rainwear, vinyl and PVC have taken on a new life. Wearing these materials gives off the vibe of being a chic, sexy computer hacker —  life’s worries (and rain!) quite literally sliding down your vinyl exterior. Below are nine of our favorite pieces to carry you through from winter snow to muddy spring rains…


Cropped Vinyl Jacket - Burgundy



Sipsi Cropped Vinyl Flared Pants - Black

1,195$ $836


PVC Bucket Bag



Grosgrain-trimmed Pvc Trench Coat - White

2,055$ $1,233


Season 4 Tubular Boot in Beige. - size 37.5 (also in 36.5,38,39.5)



ring handle vinyl tote bag - women - Vinyl - One Size, Green, Vinyl



Translucent Plastic Skirt



Woman Pvc-trimmed Cotton-blend Poplin Shirt Blue Size 10

645$ $258


Floral Plastic Slip Dress

1,595$ $797.5

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