Backstage With Sam Linder at NYFW

In the chaotic haze of leggy models and swarms of photographers, elevated by the sounds of camera shutters and shouts of, “Five more minutes! Two more minutes” it’s surprising to think that anyone could find peace. 

But that’s exactly how Sam Linder felt less than an hour ahead of his SS19 show at New York Fashion Week. Standing in a spot of sun by a window in the High Line Room and the Standard, High Line, he said, “I’m feeling peaceful and very happy. This [collection] was really satisfying and my team did a great job.”

The latest Linder creation took a slightly more secular approach compared to previous work, while still carrying the beautiful craftsmanship the brand displays so well. Linder explained that his inspirations in this collection are from the “women that are part of the every day life that we all experience.”

The collection looked to independence and originality as much as it did design quality. Linder shared that what he loves about it is the fact that the pieces can work together to be arranged in a multitude of ways, allowing wearers a level of choice in their looks.

Pre-Show and Backstage With Sam Linder at NYFW 3

He explained that his team looked to what they like to wear, styles that fit well and feel right. “My team is so passionate,” Linder said. “They love clothes and love being nerdy over every little detail. No one else is really going to know that [these little details] are there, but we know.”

It wouldn’t have been easy for show-goers to Linder’s NYFW runway event to miss the collections small detailing, however, as the presentation of each look was done a bit differently from the norm.

While most runway shows last just about 15 minutes, defined by models whizzing by onlookers in a flash of moving fabrics, Linder slowed things down a beat, taking us back to a pace we hadn’t witnessed since those pre-iPhone days.

Models gingerly walked up to an elevated platform where a narrator described each woman’s name and the look she sported, in style, design, and creation process, while live-feed cameras highlighted zoomed-in detailing that played on four television screens throughout the showroom. Following this, each model walked back and forth down a runway that went the length of the room to give each spectator a closer look.

If that wasn’t enough, four three-panel mirrors were situated throughout the room to ensure each and every viewer could appreciate every angle of the look.

As models methodically made each turn and showed each facet of Linder’s design, it’s hard to realize that this orderly, harmonized has just under an hour before been a scene of pre-show chaos. Perhaps Sam Linder’s knowledge of the consistency his designs could build had allowed him his sense of peace amidst pandemonium.

Pre-Show and Backstage With Sam Linder at NYFW 2

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