How to Pull Off Clashing Aesthetics in the Best Way Possible

Can’t decide between feminine or tough, flirty vs. edgy? Opposites always attract, and sometimes the best looks come from those clashing moods where you can’t decide what you want. Sometimes in the world of styling, you just have to ignore all the rules, wear what you want, and add a dash of clash to your look.

Who said you can’t mix textures, wear denim on denim, mix your plaids, layer prints over patterns? These fashion rules were all made up by someone, so why can’t you just make up your own style guidelines? Bring clashing pieces together, and wear them in the best way possible.

clashing, maxi dress, florals, denim jacket

The Outnet

You can definitely pull off a clashing look and get away with it, too. Just start with one piece you like and go from there. As long as you’ve got one element consistent through the look, you’re on track.

For example, you can wear a long and feminine, floral-printed dress paired with clunky sneakers, just throw in a utilitarian, oversized denim jacket to tie it all together. You can even add a velvet bag to the mix just to spice things up.


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