How to Pull Off This Ultra-Plaid Look

You’ve heard of denim-on-denim, but get ready for plaid-on-plaid. It’s no secret that the pattern that we thought had died with the 90s has made a full recovery and is everywhere this season, and for those trendsetters willing to take an extra step into the style, we’re here to show you the best way to go for that all-plaid look.

While emanating a plaid look à la Cher Horowitz might seem enticing, the key to making plaid-on-plaid work is to make it contemporary. Save the 90s looks for costume parties and find modern silhouettes to showcase your plaid looks.


The great thing about plaid is that it is versatile. The pattern works in every color, but the key to pulling off plaid-on-plaid is color matching, ideally using identical plaid patterns. Select a color that fits your style, and carry it through the whole look. If there is a bright color like green in the plaid, pair the look with a green handbag, preferably in a quirky shape. And keep the rest of the accessories simple, black sock boots and a chunky belt and always a fashionable yet safe bet.


Rona Plaid Wool Blazer

595$ $357


Mezcal knit belt



Florentine 18-karat Gold Earrings



Sadie Houndstooth Wool Wide-leg Pants - Brown



Nile Bracelet Mini Textured-leather Shoulder Bag - Cream



Match Sock Boots - Black


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