Rihanna’s Garage Magazine Cover is the Best October Issue Yet

While Selena Gomez is making headlines for her sweet and simple Elle interview for the magazine’s October issue, it’s Rihanna’s Garage cover that’s holding our attention. Gomez swapped details about her upcoming album, staying off the Internet, and her new gig at A21, an organization that her pastor at Hillsong turned her onto. Ri, on the other hand, let the clothing do all of the talking in her fashion story for Garage‘s 15th issue.

The story was styled by Carlos Nazario. In one of the cover story supplements, Nazario discusses his thought process when styling The Rihanna.

“Ri is somebody who sees so much, and she, obviously, is constantly seeing current season samples,” Nazario said. “I felt like it wasn’t that exciting for her to only wear things that I’m sure she’s familiar with, you know?”

“I always like to incorporate vintage pieces, because it’s a whole world of clothing that people haven’t seen,” he continued.

The stylist also touched on his decision to put Ri in a vintage rose bolero.

“I didn’t want anything to feel period,” he said. “That’s so not her vibe. She really likes to be modern, modern, modern. Her thing is always like, ‘What do I want to wear tomorrow?’ Not even like, ‘What do I feel comfortable wearing today?'”

The photos were shot by Deana Lawson. Lawson is a Rochester, New York-born photographer who Garage reverently refers to as “not only the photographer of the moment, but of the future”. You may recognize Lawson’s work from Dev Hynes’ junior album “Freetown Sound”. Lawson has become lauded for her work in the Whitney museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, and more.

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