Rihanna’s Elevated Airport Style is An Art Form

You know how sometimes you put on a haphazard outfit of sweats and sunglasses that ends up looking infinitely better than something you spent an hour putting together? It’s the outfit that accidentally gives off big universe vibes, leading to, I don’t know, you finally trying stand-up or rock climbing or maybe just a really nice dinner. Rihanna, in a Trapstar hoodie and a classic pair of sandy-colored Uggs, just gave us a monumental ✌️see ya, haters✌️ look, and at JFK, nonetheless!


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The perfect look combines four essential components: low-key seduction (the rhinestone Old-English font spelling out Trapstar!), ease of movement (her light-wash baggy jeans!), masculine energy (an oversized denim coat!), and a touch of luxury (the Christian Dior logo tote!). Rihanna’s look, as you can see, checks all the above, while also channeling the ultimate in mid-2000s celebrity fashion.


It was just last April that Rihanna exhibited Big Ugg Energy with a pair of Y/Project’s thigh-high Ugg boots at Coachella. Months before that, in January, she wore (maybe?) the same pair of camel-colored Uggs to the airport paired with a Gucci western wear-themed puffer. In 2000, Oprah listed Uggs on her “Favorite Things” list, gifting a pair to her studio audience and launching the shoe to mainstream fame. Almost 20 years later, the worldwide symbol of music festivals and popular high-school girls everywhere still slaps.


Leave it to Rihanna to elevate the don’t care look to an art form.



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