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Age Control Even Tone Essence


Age Control Even Tone Essence


Infuse skin with moisturizing, even-tone ingredients for softer, smoother and brighter skin with every use. Age Control Even Tone Essence acts as a liquid-lotion barrier to help enhance skin's moisture level while also restoring an even-toned complexion. While balancing and refreshing skin, the OsmoterTM complex plumps skin while Lutos extract and 3DTM complex smooth and soften. Apply first as part of a skincare routine, as it also helps the effectiveness of following skincare products layered on top. Nourishing essence immediately hydrates skin with OsmoterTM complex and Hyaluronic AcidUtilizes Lutos extract and 3DTM Complex for softer, smoother, more luminous skinEvens skin tone over time with Natriance BrightenerTM and Niacanimide buy from Ahava