Use This Little Trick To Give Your Skinny Jeans New Life

Feeling like your skinny jeans are just going through the same old, same old every day? They might be the easiest look to style, but they’re also the easiest type of jean to fall into a rut. Our skinny jeans might be the most important piece in our rotation—that trusty pair we always look good in, can just throw any old top over and call it an elevated off-duty.

If our skinny jeans perform so well in any old outfit, imagine how good they’ll look when you make them the centerpiece of a show-stopping look. So it’s time to bring those jeans out of that rut and get more creative with styling them.

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Our tip? Go monochrome. Pick a nice, deep neutral tone and go with it. And play with shapes as well. You need to make sure those jeans stand out from the rest of the pieces in your look, yet ground the outfit at the same time.

Color match your jacket to your top, and make sure the shapes contrast. So if you want a cropped sweater, opt for an ankle-length coat. Pick standout shoes in the same color family, then go for an accent-colored bag. And just like that, you’ve breathed new life into your skinny jeans.


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