Into Yeehaw Fashion? Here Are 5 Southern Designers To Know Now

With the rise in popularity of country crossover stars like Kacey Musgraves and Lil Nas X,  ‘yeehaw’ has made its way into the mainstream in more ways than one. Outside of the onslaught of twang that can now be heard bumping from speakers all around the world, iconic elements of southern style have slowly begun creeping into wardrobes everywhere—including on people who haven’t been south of the Mason-Dixon line.


Instagram accounts like @BlackYeehawAgenda have highlighted the relationship between black style and traditional cowboy attire, showing people from the past and present donning cowboy hats, western boots, and big buckles. Others have embraced the glam country style, à la Dolly Parton, and begun adding over-the-top frills and larger than life volume into their ensembles.


But while the yeehaw style can easily be incorporated with simple pieces that you can find at a vintage store or even from trend based retailers, isn’t it better to get the real thing?


In that spirit, we found five incredible designers that are either from or based in the American South, creating pieces that will give you the authentic yeehaw style you’re looking for.


Kelsey Randall
Kelsey Randall grew up in Atlanta, Georgia surrounded by the frills and bows of southern bells. The Parsons grad now lives in New York City but has never let go of her roots. Her collections are the perfect amalgamation of an NYC punk and a frilly debutante.



Elizabeth Suzanne
Elizabeth Suzanne’s label may not evoke Southern style at first glance but look a little deeper and you’ll see the influence start-to-finish. All of her sustainable garments are made right in her Nashville-based studio, where she is based. Her easy basics are wardrobe staples that could work for anyone — and they look great with a pair of cowboy boots.



Tom Ford
Yep, that Tom Ford. Believe it or not, the high-fashion designer who has dressed every celebrity on the face of the earth is actually from Austin, Texas. While he’s known for his laced-up suits and structured attire at his eponymous label, throughout his tenure at Gucci and throughout his own collections, rhinestones and fashionably gaudy influences crept in.



Annette Gabriel
Stylist Annette Gabriel is not from the south but the European-raised, Texas-based designer started her line of jumpsuits and lace-up boots in Marfa, Texas. Her pieces are an ode to working class women and their sacrifices during the westernization of Hungary, but they have a charm and ease to them that evokes yeehaw in every way.


Wes Gordon

Wes Gordon is currently the Creative Director at Carolina Herrera, but the Atlanta, Georgia-raised designer has never forgotten his southern ties. Most recently, his designs were spotted on none other than Kacey Musgraves herself for Vogue.








Utility Cotton Boot


Elizabeth Suzann

Clyde Jumpsuit


Kelsey Randall

Muslin Button Down


Elizabeth Suzann

Florence Pant

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