Your Guide to Staying In for New Year’s Eve

Going out for New Year’s is a very mixed bag. I’ve had magical dance floor experiences where I lost my friends and happened to reunite literally as the clock struck midnight and “Dance Yourself Clean” started playing, and I’ve also had experiences where I’m PMSing and sweating and claustrophobic and keep getting repeatedly elbowed hard in the back. I’m certainly not going to knock anyone who goes hard on New Year’s because FOMO is a very real thing, but also this year, a slightly more low-key New Year’s seems in order.

Staying in New Year’s saves you a lot of cash, and you can celebrate from the comfort of your couch. Also, if you’re pretty much anywhere in the country right now — particularly in the Eastern United States — it’s going to be cold AF. You’ll also likely have more fun surrounded by friends (and not throngs of strangers) and liquor you can pay corner-store prices for. Here are a few essentials for not just a night in, but a night in.

Just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pull off your best Little Edie New Year’s Eve look. In fact, be a TRUE stylish agoraphobic and pile on the scarves, jewelry, slippers, and nightgown. My motto for 2018, after all, is “why not?”


Dom Perignon / Prices Vary

Cheap Champagne (or Expensive Champagne?)

Whether it’s a bottle of André or a bottle of Dom, the point is you need something to cheers with when the clock strikes midnight. Or do what my favorite dance club in Austin, Texas, does and sell them to folks for $5 — kicking off the year (and ending the year before) by drinking from your own bottle of champagne is really the best way to do it.


Cheesy Party Decorations

Go to Party City and go HAM in the New Year’s Eve section. Buy all the cheesy stuff — hats, confetti poppers, etc. It’s truly in the spirit of bringing the party to you, and everyone will know you are the host with the very most.


Foil Curtain / $9.99 / Amazon

Instagram-Worthy Touches

Like a tree falling in the forest, have you really gone out unless you’ve posted it on Instagram or shared a blurry, out-of-context Instagram story? Of course not! For those skeptical to look like they don’t have New Year’s plans (not that…anyone should be insecure about that?), provide all the touches for a “you weren’t there” experience. A shiny backdrop and sparklers will do just the trick.

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