Stella McCartney Designed the First Vegetarian Stan Smiths

Stella McCartney is arguably the most famous environmentally conscious designer, never using leather, fur or skins in her products. Now, she’s teamed up with Adidas to design a pair of vegetarian Stan Smiths.

McCartney reimagined the iconic street shoe in vegetarian leather and non-animal-based glues. The collaboration between the designer and Adidas is now in its 13th year, and it was upon receiving a custom — and vegetarian — pair of Stan Smiths that the idea was crystallized.

“Many years ago, I was given a special pair of vegetarian leather Stan Smiths by my husband and Adidas,” she told Vogue. “It occurred to me that you really couldn’t tell the difference between the real leather and the faux leather pair. I could not help but think [of] how many animals’ lives could be saved if Stan Smith and Adidas would change from real leather to vegetarian leather, and use non-animal-based glues.”

The shoe will be available in stores September 10, and features Stan Smith’s face on the right shoe and McCartney’s portrait on the left.  The heel is color-blocked with burgundy and navy, and the usual stripes are replaced with tiny, punch-out stars.

The legacy and popularity of the Stan Smith shoe are well-documented, from Complex naming the shoe 14th on its list of most influential sneakers to the many designers who have created their take on the shoe. Jeremy Scott designed a pair with dog bones on the laces, and Raf Simons created a sleek all-black leather shoe.

Now, Stella McCartney has brought her ethically aware touch to the shoe. You can preorder Stella x Stan Smith starting today on

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