The Fashion Editor Who Buys Old Céline At The Airport

When it comes to style, Instagram can be an overwhelming abyss. Street Noise is our way to mine through the all that clutter and get right down to the ones who are giving fashion the edge we all live for. We’re highlighting the people whose style (and pages) we can’t get enough of to get to know a little more about them. 


Alyssa Coscarelli, better known as @alyssainthecity, is no longer a traditional fashion editor. The self-proclaimed “fashion-person” previously worked at Refinery29 as their Senior Fashion Market Editor, but has since moved on to do it her own way. 


Her 235K followers look to her page for outfit inspiration, highlights of up-and-coming designers, how brands work for petite women like her. Just this week, she launched a capsule collection with Petite Studio that includes two very Alyssa-style pouf-sleeve tops, one dress, and one pair of pants.


Unlike the trope of “fashion people” being mean or standoffish, Coscarelli is sweet and humble about her success. She takes the job of influencing seriously, but also knows when to laugh about it. Talking to the camera? Not so much her thing. Outfit selfie content that makes you hit the save button? More, please.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where did you grow up and what are you working on?

I grew up in the south between Florida and Georgia but jetted off to New York City as soon as I could (for college, that is). I left my full-time job about six months ago to pursue freelance writing, consulting, and influencer work through my personal platform on Instagram and it’s been a whirlwind of amazing experiences already, from traveling internationally more weeks than not, to designing my first capsule collection with Petite Studio. I’m also working on launching a website this summer that’s somewhat of an extension of what I’ve built on Instagram, combining my knowledge of fashion market, travel, beauty, styling, and more. Stay tuned!



What’s the last item of clothing that you actually bought in a store?

I was super delayed at an airport in Spain recently so I hit the Sunglass Hut and scored a cool pair of Céline (yes, #oldceline) tinted sunglasses. They’re pretty fabulous and now I’m a sucker for anything Céline that still has that accent over the “e”…


Who / what is your most random follow on Instagram?

For some reason, I follow @thekangaroosanctuaryI’ve never been to Australia or encountered a kangaroo, but this account makes me feel like I have. Some people follow puppies, I follow orphaned kangaroos, I guess…

The Fashion Editor Who Buys Old Céline At The Airport

What fashion trend makes you cringe?

It’s super cringey how quickly Fashion Nova turns around cheap knock-off versions of Kim Kardashian’s outfits, something Diet Prada has brought to light recently on its page.


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the ‘80s called📞

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If you had to give away all of your clothing except for three things
what would they be?

I would keep my Céline black medium clasp bag, my Libra charm necklace, and my vintage Levi’s that fit like a *peach emoji*.


Petite Studio X Alyssa Coscarelli

Anisa Dress – Cream



Petite Studio X Alyssa Coscarelli

Fuji Top – Steel





Coronado One Piece



Key Biscayne One Piece




Small Besace 16 Bag



Black Frame 02 sunglasses




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