It’s Summer—Time To Bring Back The Baseball Jersey

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The light jacket dilemma is one we’re faced with every time we ease into the warmer months. It’s too hot for that cropped cardigan, you’ve overdone it on denim, and lord help anyone endeavoring to don leather. This is the time you want to wear the least possible but aren’t yet ready to bare it all—so what are the options? Where, oh where, are our light light jackets?


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Well, there’s really just one: the baseball jersey. Made popular as casual wear in mid-’90s, it’s slowly been creeping back into our summer style file. As proved by Pamela Anderson in her white bike short/crop top combo (that you can quite literally find on Fashion Nova almost 25 years later), it’s the perfect addition to your more risqué outfit—especially now that we’ve all well and truly settled into the vice-like grip of athleisure.


Why is the polyester pull-over such an MVP in one’s wardrobe? Well, it does it all. The baseball jersey wouldn’t go amiss whether worn as a top, jacket, or sweater. Leave it open to update a modern look with vintage flair, clip it together as an oversized dress, or tie it together to be a cropped button-up. In fact, Urban Outfitters has skipped ahead to take care of that last one for you.


Urban Outfitters

Vintage Striped Cropped Baseball Jersey



But if you’re looking for something a little more traditional, there are a plethora of vintage or vintage-inspired options you can swap in during light-light jacket season. Check out our favorites, below, and channel Pam next time you’re after that little something extra.


Ebbet Field Flannels

Havana Cubans 1947 Home Jersey




Vertical Logo Baseball Jersey



Ebbet Field Flannels

San Francisco Seals 1938 Home Jersey



Ebbet Field Flannels

New York Black Yankees 1942 Home Jersey $199.00






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