The Best Bodysuits To See You Through A Sweaty Summer

The warmer months are upon us—even if it feels like we’re perpetually stuck in drizzly/high-70s purgatory—which means negotiating summer stickiness.


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We’ve all been through it: The endless up-or-down tugging of crop tops, the jeans that start rubbing at the waist—or worse—slowly making their way down your stomach until you’re showing way more skin than intended. The answer? Bodysuits. They stay put and sculpt your body to perfection. Lord knows the KarJenners are big fans, and it was only a matter time before we all succumbed—so lean in.


1. The Bombshell

Stella McCartney

Betty Twinkling Mesh Bodysuit



If you’re afraid of mesh, don’t be. This is an easy bodysuit to dress up or down with jeans, a suit, or a little wrap skirt. Plus, stars.


2. The Everyday


All-Day Bodysuit



I have this bodysuit and can personally attest it feels like wearing nothing at all. Constructed from the softest cotton, it’s remarkably comfortable and also aids in keeping the girls in shape. Wear braless and live your life with ease.


3. The Mod

Danielle Guizio ,

Arcadia Button-Up One-Piece



Did someone say Bond girl? This number doubles as a swimsuit, which is frankly what dreams are made of. Forget skinny-dipping after a night out on the (beach) town, strip down to this little number and you’re good to go.


5. The Lara Croft

Vitamin A

Gaia Bodysuit



This also has the added function of being swimmable. Last spotted on Kylie Jenner and Khloé Kardashian for their recent collaboration campaign, this is guaranteed to be the bodysuit whose versatility just keeps on giving. We love her.


5. The Millennial


Jaunie Bodysuit



Classic? Check. Clean? Check? Affordable? Absolutely. Pop on with some bottoms and enjoy your hourglass shape.

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