How to Master High-Low Dressing in the Summer

The age-old saying, “Money can’t buy style” resonates on many levels for some, the dollar amount signifies status and power while others opt to go beneath the surface as style takes on a form of expression, individuality, and freedom. Of course, we would love to look at fashion in this sense, but it remains apparent that designer items and obscenely larger than life monograms and logos will forever be segmented into our psyche which we can accredit to the 1980s and Gucci’s rise in popularity as of late.

To be honest, who can be a walking designer billboard all the time?  How about throwing on a consignment graphic t-shirt with a side of Hermès Birkin and Zara mules. It’s not about how you subject your bank account but more so how you distribute your earnings. Mixing designer pieces with high street gems is a trend that keeps on giving ask Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama or Alexa Chung who have contributed to this aesthetic.

How to Master High-Low Dressing in the Summer 1

Incorporate the element of investing into your wardrobe through timeless pieces that express a sense of longevity such as shoes, handbags or jewelry which will be the “high” to your high-low look. For the “low” turn to the high street for brands like ASOS, J.Crew, Mango, Topshop or Zara to suffice that quick fix when spotting a fad or “this season’s trend” that won’t break the bank resulting in buyer’s remorse. In its purest form we’ve taken a casual yet athleisure take on the high-low trend combining a classic Chanel mini flap bag paired with basketball shorts, a corset-like crop top, and a nostalgic pair or black airforce ones. Even the most grandiose fashion enthusiast needs to take a more subtle approach to style.


Coco Stud Embellished Bustier Top

$895 $313


Chanel Half Flap Bag (Previously Owned)



SHORTS - Item 13120305

$160 $80


Snap cotton-blend corset

$387 $154


Air Force 1 '07 Sneaker



Rope-trimmed Linen-blend Shorts - Black


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