6 Reasons Why Stripes Don’t Have to be Basic

The temperature is rising, so what better time to unearth your summer stripes than the present?

Stripes can often be overlooked as a wardrobe staple, and are easily written off as basic or too “Coastal Elite.” There is some truth to those old clichés: set foot into any East Coast town and you’ll quickly discover swaths of finance bros and sorority alum decked out in their sailor striped shirts, with a goblet of rose firmly planted in hand. Despite the very specific connotations attached to summer stripes, you don’t have to be ready to set sail on the high seas, or do a keg stand (although it’s encouraged), to add some fresh lines to your warm weather wardrobe.

Prada Matches Fashion, stripes

Matches Fashion


If you’re stripe averse, try on different widths for size. Thinly striped pieces, be they blouses, pants or dresses, can add a bit of dimension and texture to your look. If you’re more adventurous, try donning some bold multicolored stripes for a playful take on the trend.

And if you still possess an irrational fear of stripes, perhaps the simplest way to incorporate spring’s classic pattern into your wardrobe is with a new accessory. Our six top picks will have you reading between the lines in no time.


Oversized striped cotton shirtdress

370$ $222


Romane striped cotton-poplin skirt

598$ $358


Circle cotton-canvas cross-body bag



Lou Lou wide-leg striped cotton trousers

400$ $240


Penny drop earrings



Majorelle & Mansour leather sandals



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