How to Wear Boots In the Summer

All rules were made to be broken, right? In an increasingly “seasonless” fashion world, there’s no reason why any item should be confined to one season. And that goes for boots, too. Boots are not just perfect for the fall/winter season, they’re essential. But why can’t we wear them in the summertime, as well? The answer: we can, we just have to select our boots wisely.How to Wear Boots In the Summer 1

Of course, a boot in a summery color is necessary for making the look work in the warm weather months. So white or pastel is key. Our suggestion is to really lean into the boot—go for a thigh-skimming, over-the-knee style, not just an ankle bootie. 

And then complement your boot with a monochromed look—still in an ethereal palette, and definitely something flowy and perfect for summer. Finish up the look with some trendy sunnies, and color-match your handbag to those boots to really give some emphasis. 


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