A Bunch Of People Carried A Supreme Cross Around New York City Because, Sure

Did you ever think that you would see a giant Supreme branded cross being carried through the streets of New York City? If you answered anything other than probably, then you may not be all that familiar with the wild, highly dedicated Supreme fanbase. The brand, which has truly cultivated the modern day hypebeast, has figured out a way to keep their customers always wanting more.


When a product (likely a shirt or branded bike) drops at Supreme’s flagship store, the release brings out boy band-style fandom with people wrapped around the block for hours. When you’re in a major city on any given day and you see dozens of teenage boys lined up behind a black rope, you can place a solid bet that there is a Supreme store nearby. It’s a sort of worship that has had a major effect on the fashion industry, and an even wider one on consumerism. It’s logomania at its most extra, and the kids who buy in are not afraid to scream it from the rooftops.


That’s where “Supreme Walk 2019,” and the aforementioned cross, comes in. According to a press release, the walk, which was hosted by artist Ho Chul Lee, took place on March 12 and was the “first inaugural march of Supreme fans.” Essentially, it was a handful of young people walking down the street in the rain with a branded crossone person was taped to it, crucifixion-style, wearing Supreme underwear.



There are so many things one can say about this small event, but the only thing I can manage to muster is…okay.


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