SZA Gets Brutally Honest On Stuggles With Self Love & Acne

We all have our insecurities, some more debilitating than others. Even celebrities deal with the inevitable hyper-focus on flaws, no matter how tiny they may be. Don’t believe me? Just ask SZA.

“The Weekend” singer got unapologetically raw at last week’s Girls Collective hosted by Dove, and left her heart on her sleeve as she opened up about her struggles with cystic acne and self love.

 “Acne is so crazy,” she told Teen Vogue after her keynote speech. “It’s like, your face is your base. That’s what you’re supposed to be in the world with. How am I supposed to be in the world?”

SZA noted that she battled with her self esteem for years due to her cystic acne, but slowly and surely built a foundation for self love as she came to terms with her skin.

Now, the singer chooses to embrace her skin and body, regardless flaws and all. As a speaker at the female-empowering event, which also featured Shonda Rhimes and transgender rights activist Jazz Jennings, SZA chose to focus on self esteem in order to change the stigmas surrounded by it.

“Self-esteem is funny, because it’s very subjective and it’s just like, what is that? What is self-esteem?” she asks.

“It was laughable for me to even talk about self-esteem in a conversation like, ‘Kids, love yourselves.’ It’s more so about [having] that honest conversation where it’s like, I’ve never seen a girl who is just like, ‘I actually don’t 100% love myself’. I’m trying things every day. I’m working on being delusional to trick myself into loving myself the way that I want to love myself. And I’m finding new versions of myself every day.” Let’s have that conversation.

It just goes to show that in a FaceTuned world, we all have underlying insecurities. The takeaway here: “perfection” is a construct that lies within the eye of the beholder, so follow in SZA’s footsteps and show yourself some much-needed TLC.

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