Inside the Creative Minds Behind Carolina Sarria

If Michelle Lamy – Rick Owen’s mesmeric wife, muse and creative accomplice – had two young protégées in the Big Apple, Carolina Sarria and Bianca Allen could easily fit the bill. Outfitted in black leather, silver jewelry, and deep-dyed hair, these women exude an aura of rock ‘n’ roll glamour. The beguiling duo are the creative minds behind Carolina Sarria, a unisex brand designed in Lower Manhattan. Having left her native Columbia at a young age to break into the fashion world, Carolina studied Fashion Design in NYC, and started her eponymous line in 2012. Two years later she serendipitously met the young designer Bianca, and so began their collaborative fashion fairytale. The two slowly built the brand from scratch, and opened a brick-n-mortar in the Lower East Side for clients who “want to be strong, confident, and secure in themselves”.

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