The Low-Key Staple To Your Casual Wardrobe

When it comes to our boots, we’re usually a little too quick to reach for ones with stiletto-thin heels that seem to be sky high in length. But, if we’re being real, the classic tall flat black boots are heavy underutilized, and shouldn’t be overlooked for your fall wardrobe.


This fall essential may not be everyone’s top pick, but it definitely should be. Gone are the days of hazardous heels and uncomfortably pointed toes, because this season, we’re kicking our heels to the curb for a comfier, more practical approach in footwear. These sleek boots have been a beloved piece for centuries, and while their heat has been toned down within the past couple of years, we’re ready to reignite their flame and let these boots reign supreme yet again.


A Quick Look at the Tall Flat Boot


Although these boots have become a staple in women’s footwear, back in the day they were considered a men’s-only style. In fact, they were deemed so inappropriate for women that one of the chief criminal charges against Joan of Arc in 1431 was for wearing boots in this style.


Thankfully, as the centuries passed so did the gender constraints against footwear. By the nineteenth century, women were strapping on their own version of these boots, which were usually used for horseback riding. They became quite feminine through the use of tight lacing, high heels, and pointed toes. Thus marks the birth of the “rider” boot.


By 1815, fashion magazines and periodicals were suggesting a completely new taboo: wearing these boots as day-wear. While it may seem like a more modest style to us now, during the 1800’s this was considered a major change in fashion, and even marks a time of introducing androgyny. Within 15 years, these boots became a staple to every woman’s wardrobe, making them the iconic style they are today.


Tall Flat Black Boots: A Modern Approach


The Top Tall & Flat Black Boots for Fall 1



Nowadays, the phrase “tall flat boots” can mean a whole array of things. From calf-length slouch fits to thigh-high skinnies and everything in between, there are thousands of styles for you to choose from. It’s pretty bittersweet, considering the fact that we love options — but not when they’re never-ending.


That’s why we’re suggesting you stick to a classic black hue. Black boots can fit with just about any fall outfit, which is why we love whipping them out during the chillier months. You can effortlessly spice up your bottom pieces with a pair of these versatile boots: pair your skirts and mini dresses with slouchier styles for a laid-back approach, or wear skin-tight fits with your favorite skinny jeans and crop tops to create a fall look that’s a step up from the rest.


If you’re stuck on styling, then cue us in for some help. Out of the thousands of tall flat black boots to choose from, we’ve whittled your options down to a handful of the hottest fall styles.


Stay hot & cozy in the chilly fall weather with our favorite tall flat black boots.

Modern Americana






These boots borrow some Western styling from your average cowboy boot, but stand out in a few major ways. First off, let’s focus on the obvious here: the studded calf opening. This small yet effective detail makes these boots stand out from the rest, creating a more modernized approach with a unique style. Then there’s the true-black tone of these boots. The black hue makes these boots totally versatile to whatever your outfit choice is for the day: wear these boots with your basic graphic tee and jeans to glam up your outfit, or pair them with a mini skirt to add a flirty edge to your #OOTD.


Back to the Basics




$390 $312


There’s nothing wrong with staying simple with your fashion choices, which is why we love these subtle boots from Spaziomoda. They’re basic in design, and they come as they are: just plain tall & flat black boots. They’re perfect for those days when you want to have maximum style with minimal effort, which is why they need to be in your closet ASAP. You can easily pair this with your favorite cozy sweater and colorful leggings for a subtle pop of black tone in your daily attire, or wear these boots with your favorite vibrant skater dress for a relaxed fall look.


Our Biggest Crush




$359 $287


Nothing is more fall-friendly than crushed velvet, and we definitely wouldn’t mind keeping our toes warm in these textured boots. While many people rely on color for added detail, we’re mixing things up by playing around with texture. We all have a crushed velvet sweater, dress, even a skirt to wear during the colder months; so this season, let’s add this trending material to our favorite footwear. And these boots have so much more to them than just their velvety texture: the low heel, round toe line, and double buckle detail creates a grungy nod to the cool styles of the 90’s. These shoes are definitely a breath of fresh air for our favorite fall staples.


Short Stuff






While they’re not the tallest of the bunch, these boots are definitely one of our top picks of the season. These shoes reach to just below the knee, and stay fitted in design. They have a rider boot-like vibe to them, but still stay sleek and stylish in their polished leather material and contemporary hardware details. The rounded toe line and shorter height makes these tall flat black boots a more wearable pick in comparison to others on the market, and stay subtly intriguing in design with the black circular hardware design, and the extremely short heel comes at just over 1 inch, creating a minimal boost in height without sacrificing your comfort.








These boots may seem like your average black boot at first glance, but take a closer look. They posses a minimal (but striking) color-block grey style at the heel, creating a subtle contemporary nod to the popular footwear colorway trend. But what really makes these boots stand out are the contrasting heights and textures: while the front of these boots feature a faux-leather material and longer, just over the knee length, the back end is quite different. Not only is it cut just slightly lower, but it’s also crafted through a stretchier techno fabric material. The result: a tighter fit that’s actually breathable on your legs.


Rainy Days



Edith rubber boots



As the old saying goes: when it rains, it pours. It seems like this year is filled with autumn showers, so be prepared with some fabulous rain boots! Say goodbye to clunky styles that get in your way by reaching for these couture shoes from Jimmy Choo. They’re much sleeker in design in comparison to your average rain boot, and sit just below the knee so you won’t feel limited in styling. The shined patent-finished toe adds a fun contrast to the matte finish of these boots, and the fitted style creates a versatile look that can be worn with any of your top autumn outfits.


Polished To Perfection






A touch of sheen that’s not seen on the average leather boot, but not teetering on the dramatic gloss of patent, these boots have a radiant glow for an eye-catching effect. The black color complimented by this subtle shine creates a polished, refreshed look on the classic flat black boot. While the party is in the front, it’s all business in the back: a comfortable jersey material, cutting right below the knee for an asymmetrical style that won’t get in your way.


Outer Space Aura






One small step for man, one giant leap for fashion: these boots have a couture spin on our favorite childhood footwear: the moon boot. They’re ultra-sleek, covering every inch of your calves with a breathable textured leather. They stay simplistic in style, with a rounded toe and all-over black hue, but get a subtle taste of bling through the golden-toned zipper and heart-shaped hardware. The platform sole gives these shoes some added height, creating some added height (a plus for us shorter girls).


Grunge Goddess



Dakota faux leather boots



These boots have a grungy-meets-rustic feel that strays away from the usually feminine styles of this brand’s mother label, Chloé. This luxury faux leather is far from the plastic feel of other “pleather” materials, and has a buttery-soft feel that we all mistook for the real thing. The textured faux leather gives these shoes a contemporary feel, which is played up through the contrasting white seams and brass-hued buckle. The rubber sole is a simple nod to edgier combat boot styles, making it easy to trudge through anything the weather throws your way.

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