Timo Weiland on The City as Muse

“We’re culture curators,” says Timo Weiland of the collective design team behind his eponymous line. Their palatial Brooklyn studio is like a think-tank for cool kids with its verdant brick-walled interior, midcentury furnishings and vinyl playing in the background. A discernible hub for innovation, this is where Timo and his BFFs/ business partners Alan Eckstein & Donna Kang let their minds reel. Having diversified the label into more of a lifestyle than just a brand, whether consulting hospitality groups on company aesthetics, creative directing for brand collaborations, or designing their beloved Mens and Womenswear collections, the TW ethos is “creating clothes to live in.” City living is at the core of Timo’s inspiration, with a design focus on quality, wearability and playfulness. Having grown up in Nebraska and Florida, the same vibrant energy that drew him to the Big Apple pulsates throughout the collections. “It’s for people making moves.” Just as Timo’s -never- typical day might juggle office time, social lunches, investor meetings and DJing into the wee hours, his pieces are prime for girls and guys on the go.

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