The Great Justin Bieber Burritogate Scandal

In case you missed it, there’s been a very popular picture of Justin Bieber floating around the Internet. In the picture, the Biebs is sitting on a park bench while eating a burrito, sideways. If you’re screaming “WHY?” into your computer screen, then you’re in good company — people’s reactions across the board, online and off, have echoed similar sentiments. For obvious reasons:



But, as it turns out (as it so often does with visceral reactions to mundane matters), all of this rage and uproar was over nothing. Why, you ask? Because the photo was fake. A scam. A sham. Some grade A tomfoolery. The funny people over at Yes Theory revealed in a YouTube video that they staged the whole. Damn. Thing. Meaning, that while people were freaking out about Justin Bieber’s ability (or inability) to eat a burrito correctly, he was probably laughing, saying, “HAHA that’s not even me.”


So who’s the guy eating the burrito sideways? That would be Brad Sousa, Justin Bieber’s uncanny doppelganger. Down to their tattoos and scum-bro style, Sousa and Bieber look like brothers, if not twins.



“Engineering a viral story that has nothing to do with Yes Theory has been a challenge we’ve always wanted to do,” a Yes Theory producer says in a video, adding, “We wanted to prove a point, that staging a story as goofy as it was, can be done much more easily than most people can imagine.” Yet another reason not to believe everything you read.


Watch the full video explaining the stunt below.

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