Three Beauty Swaps for Cold Weather

Just when you thought you solved transitional fall dressing, here comes some fine tuning of your top shelf. Say goodbye to surf sprays, lightweight moisturizers, and your tan. It’s time to swaddle like a polar bear and undo the damage of those dog’ days at the beach. A total beauty overhaul is not necessary for each season, but there are some suggestions for an easier transition into the new season.



The gold standard in anti-aging, retinol encourages cellular turnover which helps reduce fine lines, even skin tone, and increase firmness. It will also torch your skin quicker than the Mexican Riveria if not used properly. This is not a “go big or go home” scenario, but rather a very slow, pea-sized, minuscule application. If you have never used retinol, the fall is an ideal time to start, as the sun and retinol don’t jive. If you are on the retinol bandwagon already, now is a good time to graduate to a stronger strength. A great rule to start is the 1,2,3: use once a week for the first week, twice a week for the second week, and so forth. Apply on dry skin and really let this sit in for 15-20 minutes, then slap on moisturizer. Absolutely wear SPF the next day. Try Gentle Retinol Night Serum


Face Oils

After a lot of experimentation, face oils can irritate my eyes or give off a disco-worthy sheen – making for bleary work mornings that copious amounts of caffeine could not rectify. But as most face oils are jammed packed with antioxidants and help reinforce the skins protective barrier, the glow and hydration were too hard to give up. Today, I only use oils at night and stay away from fragrant brands, and I always apply after a retinol application. I use the Pure Beam Luxe Oil from Peach and Lily, but the Vintners Daughter Active Botanical Serum has achieved a cult following in the beauty community.


Heavy Duty Moisturizer

With colder days and nights approaching, a more intense moisturizer is necessary to maintain healthy and nourished skin. This 2018 K-beauty winner from Soko Glam, the MadeCera Cream is “supremely nourishing” and nongreasy enough for daytime use. It’s a multi-tasking cream, helping to correct, brighten and reduce redness while strengthening the skin barrier against the elements. I also recommend Rovectin for colder months.


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