Bathtub Yoga? Yes, It’s a Thing

You finally make it home after an 8+ hour work day and three different subways at rush hour and all you can think about is a glass of wine, a joint, and hope for the best nights sleep. However, the hangover groggy mornings and drilling headaches have been painstakingly reminding you that you aren’t seventeen anymore and your body is starting to feel the toll.

There is an extraordinary booze and drug-free way to calm down your body and mind after an agitated day, and this is what it looks like: three simple yoga stretches + a hot bath.

Here’s why hot water and yoga are the best pair.

  1. Muscle tension melts away— the high temperature of the water warms up your muscles and connective tissue preparing them to stretch.

2. It’s just like when you were in your mother’s belly— The feeling of being in a hot tub is similar to the feeling of being in a mother’s womb. The nervous system is able to relax and let go because it connects this environment to feeling safe, nurtured and at ease

3. You are so light when submerged in water—The buoyancy of water makes it easier on your joints.

4. You feel happier— Hot water raises your body temperature which dilates your blood vessels and improves circulation; heat also releases endorphins.

5. Pain free— Hot water can relieve minor aches pains and headaches, strengthen your immune system, and improve sleep.

These are the names of the sitting yoga poses to wind down:


Ardha Matsyendrasana

Ankle to Knee

(Do them on both sides!)


Head of Video Tina Rosh   DP Paul Terrie

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