We’ve all been in this moment: mascara smudges, blotchy foundation, and fading eyeliner wings strike out of nowhere, with no products in sight to help tame the mess. Carrying a makeup repair kit is essential when you’re living the active life of a city dweller, as the city can throw curve-balls at any moment, leading to a cosmetic catastrophe all over your face.


Having some travel-sized essentials is a great way to keep yourself (and your makeup) together, but you shouldn’t leave your glosses and highlighters rummaging around your favorite tote bag. That’s a recipe for a makeup explosion in your purse, so keep things tidy by using some of the best travel makeup bags around.


Why You Need A Makeup Bag, ASAP


I’ll be blunt: if you don’t have a makeup bag in your life, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Having a makeup bag helps keep your minimal (or, if you’re anything like me, maximal) assortment of makeup tidy and ready for any adventure you’re headed on.


The amazing thing is that with the blow-up — or should I say, glo-up — of the makeup community over the past years, there are tons of storage options for keeping your makeup tidy and in safe keeping. From the classic makeup bag to the aesthetically pleasing millennial-pink storage boxes all of the biggest beauty vloggers are decorating their vanities with, there are so many options for you to choose from. At this point, it may get confusing, so I’ll give you some tips on when and where to use the different types of makeup storage options available.


Makeup Bags, Boxes, & Vanities: When To Use Each


Makeup Bags: If you’re travelling, or just have a very minimal amount of makeup, then there’s no need to invest in anything larger than the average makeup bag. It’s a great option for those of you who stick to the basics, and there are smaller bags available to stow away in your tote bags and purses.


Makeup Storage Boxes: These are obviously an at-home only organization tool. So, if you have a bit more than the basics, or have tons of brushes and vertical makeup products (think eyeliners, eyebrow pencils, and lip pencils), then use these stowing options. As for where to put them, these nifty little boxes can easily be placed on top of a small dresser, desk, or even under your bed.


Vanities: If you’re familiar with beauty gurus, then you know that they have literal vanities (even full-sized dressers) filled with beauty products. If your living space is scattered with more makeup than one person could fathom using, then investing in a good vanity is the best way to keep your items organized.


Now that you know how to organize, it’s time to make the jump and get to organizing! If you’re unsure about where to start, let me help you out.


I’m all about the “organization, but make it fashion,” aspect of keeping things tidy. So, I only use makeup bags and organizers that are plastered in the most popular designs of the moment. If you want to jump on board and make your makeup shrine look fabulous, grab one (or all) of these stylish makeup bags and organizers.


Keep your organization (& your makeup) on point with the best travel makeup bags and organizers.


Double Dipping



Two-Piece Blossom Zip Pouch Set

$35 $14.99


This two-piece set is perfect for every beauty connoisseur. Whether you’re a makeup minimalist or have stock-piles of foundations and eyeliners, this makeup bag duo is great for anyone who’s on the go. The small floral bag is great for carrying you tiny travel-sized items, and if you need some extra room, simply make the switch to the more spacious PVC bag. Bonus: if it’s raining and you want some double protection for your cosmetic staples, just layer the larger bag over the smaller fabric one for some weather resistance. It’s the renaissance man of cosmetic bags, which is why I’m completely obsessed.


Paisley Prints



Paisley Printed Faux Leather Zip Case



This small paisley print bag is fitting for my fellow boho queens out there. The large and in charge squared body of this vintage-inspired makeup bag is great for storing bulkier items, and keeps your essentials zipped tight in a stylish casing. And it’s not only adorable, it’s also durable! The case is lined with leather, so your items will stay protected and snug no matter what the day may bring. This makeup bag is perfect for stowing away in your commuter bag or your carry-on.


The Classic Organizer



Diamond Collection 6-Piece Acrylic Organizer Set, Size One Size - Clear



If your makeup stash is a little larger than the average makeup bag can handle, then give this vanity organizer set a try. It’s great for keeping your various lipsticks, mini palettes, and little cosmetic knick knacks in order. It contains one large cube topped with an adorable clear lid, three vertical boxes for liners and pencils, a 24-slot lipstick holder for the ultimate pigment enthusiast, and an eight-slot powder holder to keep your highlighters and powder bronzers in line.


In Bulk



Floral-print Canvas Cosmetics Case - Black



If you’re on the go, but your essentials list is lengthy, then use this drawstring cosmetics case as your in-flight carry-on bag. This floral print bag is not only the cutest thing we’ve ever seen, but it’s also extra spacious. It’s perfect for those full-sized items and beauty tools (because why wouldn’t we want our straighteners on-hand at all times?).


The Professional’s Pick



Blossom 13-Inch Vanity Case, Size One Size - Pink/grey



For those of you who are professional MUAs (or just like to have everything available at all times), grab this extra-large makeup storage case. This durable case is made out of genuine leather, crafted by hand in the English town of Hertfordshire. It has a vintage air that’s brought to modern times with its millennial pink hue. But most importantly, this cosmetics box is moderately sized in the outside, but huge once it’s cracked open.


Cherry Bomb



Rainy Day Cosmetic Bag, Size One Size - Red



Brighten up your rainy days with this adorable makeup pouch. It’s teeny enough to stow away even in satchels and a few cross-body bags, and is wide enough to pop in your fluffiest brushes and thickest highlighter packs. If you’re all about keeping things low maintenance and only bringing out the true essentials, then this is the ultimate pick for you. Plus, the cherry graphic complimented by the PVC material creates a cool contemporary look.


Diamond Edition



Diamond Collection 4-Drawer Acrylic Organizer, Size One Size - Clear



If you need some extra-large storage in your room, then grab this aesthetically pleasing cubicle. It has four large drawers to stow away even the largest of your makeup palettes, and it’s also adjustable to your needs. It also has an attachable handle, so you can take it on the go instantly. This large box is the ultimate essential for any makeup enthusiast, and is sure to keep your products organized.

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