What To Wear If You’re Already Sick Of Slime Green

The Instagram hashtag #slimegreen has a staggering 12,908 posts (and counting). The eccentric color, which very recently became a viral trend, has unexpectedly eschewed winter’s dark and dreary traditions and, quite literally, brightened things up.


If you’re not privy to the slime sensation, all you have to do is take one quick look at what’s happening with street style. With Fashion Month in full swing, editors and influencers are serving up daily outfit inspiration, most of which incorporate a flash of—ding, ding, ding—bright green. Whether it’s by way of a layering piece like a turtleneck or T-shirt or a plucky puffer coat, running short on ways to wear the shade is insurmountable.


But as a color becomes more prevalent, it tends to lose its, well, spark. For those of you who want to brighten up your wardrobe but with a perhaps less obvious color trend on the docket, we’re recommending ultraviolet. Though served in slightly fewer quantities thus far, this vibrant hue is solidifying itself as a should-wear hue for the spring season ahead. The tone is similar to what you might find in a photograph of the rainbow (though, scientifically speaking, there is actually no ultraviolet in the rainbow. Unpack that another time). It’s saturated, punchy, and very fun to wear.


Below, see how fashion’s savviest color fanatics are serving ultraviolet looks on the street style circuit, along with some picks to help the purple reign truly begin.

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The Webster’s Digital Director Chloe King brings her menswear-inspired look to life with a purple mohair blazer layered on top.

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Despite your instincts to separate the two colors post-childhood years, teaming pink and purple together is still highly encouraged.



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Whenever you’re feeling distraught about your outfit, consider popping on an ultraviolet sweater. It’s a cheerful addition and pairs easily with neutrals.


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The world would be a better place with more purple pants in it.


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Balenciaga is championing the purple movement right now—join the fight.


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If all-purple isn’t your bag, consider a patchwork piece that incorporates a sliver of the radiant color.



Irren Chunky Mohair-Blend Crop Sweater – Purple Size 38 FR



textured handkerchief skirt – Purple



Sarah ankle boots – Purple



bucket shoulder bag – Purple



Bunt sweater – Purple



high-waist flared jersey trousers – Purple



Feather Weight dress – Purple



slogan print hoodie – Purple



Nylon gabardine jacket – Purple

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