Ladylike Delights: The Revival of the Satin Bag

Roundish in form and slack in its structure, the satin bag of ages ago has resurfaced to claim its time in the spotlight—or rather, its time grasped in the palms of the fashion-forward. If the shape looks familiar, that’s because it is. The kitsch of a party favor pouch plucked from a 99-cent store meets the whimsy of grandmother’s purse, resulting in a vintage-inspired bag that somehow feels fresh, playful and even luxe.


Satin is one of those materials that forks in both directions: its characteristic shimmer—when not so subtle—can easily feel garish and tacky, or sumptuous in an old-world way that’ll never actually get old. When done up correctly, the latter offers an opulent alternative for day-to-night outings.


Grace Bag



Satin Shorty Wristlet



Drawstring Pouch

175$ $69

As of late, accessories designers have decided to have a bit of fun with the once-dusty little sack, resuscitating it with modern details; card slots and interior zipper pockets cater to just the essentials. Fans of the mini bag trend will adore the compact size, since all you can stash are your credit cards, cell phone, keys and lipstick.


The Ascot Small Satin Bag



The Kit Wristlet & Chain Pouch



Trilly Heart Cupid Satin Pouch Bag


The charm of the original versions remains, though. Embroidering with pearls, beads, sequins and rhinestones, labels like Staud and Edie Parker hark back to the details of the past. You’ll find vibrant hues like electric fuchsia, canary and cherry, emboldened by their lustrous satin construction. Snap fastenings, tassel-tipped drawstrings and braided handles are details that feel like they’ve been yanked straight from high society ladies and flappers in the early 20th century.


Satin Anthurium Pouch

276$ $193.2



231.54$ $173.65



578.84$ $434.13

From the Italian It-girl duo behind Attico comes iterations with elaborate adornments. The dazzling SS18 collection from them featured a full spectrum of colors, elegantly draped wrap dresses and glittering fabrications that made the satin bag feel oh-so-right. Dazzling shooting stars lean celestial, while blooming flowers and even a curling, Chinese dragon have also appeared on their satin numbers. Meanwhile, Les Petits Joueurs has turned to motifs of palm tree fronds and bursting hearts for whimsical embellishments. Whichever you pick, you’re sure to find the little revived pouch feels chic, not chintzy.

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