How to Make it Through 90-Degree Days Without Melting Your Clothes Off

We prayed for spring and we got spring… with a vengeance. Who here wasn’t mentally (or physically) prepared for a 90-degree day in early May? Everyone? Yeah, us too.

The weather forecast is showing some milder temps in the next few days, but let’s be prepared for next time Mother Nature decides to shoot her heat-ray guns at us. When the heat gets just so unbearable that you find yourself contemplating ripping your clothes off and running through the streets naked, that means you need some warm weather styling tips.

Trust us, there is a fashionable solution to every situation. No need to go naked. That being said, there’s no shame in flaunting a cute bra top or bralette. Underwear is so cute these days, there’s no need to keep it covered—especially on these hot, hot days.

warm weather styling

Unsplash @Bin Thiều

While we love color-matching a bra top with a flowy, summery trousers, get creative with your warm weather styling. Maybe test out a cute bra under a laced top.

Then all you need is a trusty pair of sunnies and a sturdy up-do (we’re talking top-knot buns) and you’re set to conquer that heat. Just don’t forget the SPF 15!


Lace crop top



Bralette in Lycra Lace



DiorLadyStuds square sunglasses



Oriental Journey Embroidery Tulle Crop Top



Layered Satin Straight-leg Pants - Black



Lace and Silk Top


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