What To Wear This Thanksgiving—A How-To Guide

I love Thanksgiving: It’s my favorite holiday, ever. There’s just something so special about a forced gathering of family and friends around a big table with a big turkey that warms my heart. It’s the one time a year that my lactose-intolerant siblings and I let loose and indulge in heavy cream, ugly sweaters, and lots and lots of board games. Wild times, I know.


The week leading up to the big day is spent stressing over turkey-meat-to-human ratios, grocery shopping lists, cooking shifts, and which brine my dad will experiment with this year. Day of is always significantly more laid-back—tradition goes, that I arrive in time for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, stay for the Westminster Dog Show, and around 4 PM,  trade in my sweats for something the *slightest* bit more elevated. With all of the focus on food, I never really stop to think about what to wear—the perfect Thanksgiving outfit demands form meet function, with a few necessary elements.


Is there a foolproof formula? Hell yeah! First, start with comfort, and then opt for pieces that are stretchy or roomy enough to accommodate the food baby, but also easy enough to sit in for an hour or two. Next, apply your style filter. What is the dinner dress code? I can guarantee you an elastic waistband for every occasion.


Below, five outfit ideas that are comfortable, chic, and suitable for any Thanksgiving scenario. Gobble, gobble.


What To Wear This Thanksgiving—A How-To Guide 1

  1. A roomy dress and sneakers combo. Dress down your best maxi dress with a fine knit and some dad sneakers.


M'O Exclusive Erika Cotton Jersey Maxi Dress



Thunder Spectra Black Sneakers - Black



Woman Panel Pail Glossed-leather Bucket Bag Pastel Pink Size -

$375 $168

What To Wear This Thanksgiving—A How-To Guide 4

2. Forget the hassle of coordinating separates and opt for a jumpsuit. The oxfords and structured shoulder bag lend some polish to the look.


ASOS MOJITO Leather Brogues - Black



Prya cotton jumpsuit



Trunk Leather Shoulder Bag - Black


What To Wear This Thanksgiving—A How-To Guide 3

3. A silk blouse and high waist jeans are my go-to. Leave the top untucked and tied at the waist for easy flexibility.


Striped Silk Shirt - Red



Flared cropped jeans

$305 $152


Ankle boots


What To Wear This Thanksgiving—A How-To Guide 2

4. Suit up with separates marrying comfort and style. Extra points for a sweater vest.


Woolside checked blazer



Oversized wool sweater vest

$835 $584


Hagan Plaid High Waist Trousers, Size 12 - Grey

$398 $221.63

What To Wear This Thanksgiving—A How-To Guide

5. If all else fails, a bright knit and relaxed boyfriend jeans will fit the bill.  


Tinelle rollneck knit - Red



Grunge Straight distressed jeans

$280 $196


BB houndstooth ankle boots



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