Why I Always Do The Most For Thanksgiving

For most of America, Thanksgiving is a holiday reserved for casual wear (read: sweats) while going through the annual turkey-induced food coma. Because, honestly, what psychopath wants to be in tight-fitting clothes while shoveling piles of gravy-slathered mashed potatoes down their throat? The answer: me.


In an unorthodox turn of events, every Thanksgiving I wake up bright and early just to spend hours on my look. Year after year, OTT accessories, a semi-formal dress, and “done” hair are all part of my Turkey Day uniform. Why? Because of the one person who has the biggest influence on the way any of us dress: good ol’ mom.


If there was one person who truly embodies the word “extra,” it’s my mother. Even if she steps out to get groceries, she has to fill in her eyebrows and slap on some lipstick. She’s the type of woman who kills it in the kitchen on Thanksgiving day, while slaying in style. And she was more than certain to pass on her gift to her three daughters: every year, no matter how much her lazy children would protest and sigh, we would have to put on our Thanksgiving ensembles, which were usually velvet dresses paired with intricate bows, tulle, and shiny flats.


Decades later, and it seems me and my sisters still follow my mother’s tradition of getting dolled up for the dinner table. There is no extravagant party, or crowded house filled with distant relatives that we tend to forget the existence of — just a small family of five, joined by a handful of close cousins and in-laws, all dressed to the nines as we eat our hefty platters and reminisce over the good old days.


What’s the point of doing the most for such an intimate meal? There’s really no other reason other than the fact that it’s a subconscious habit our mother embedded into our brains (and our wardrobe). And now that this is one of the few times in the year where my small family reunites, I cherish this random need to dress up now more than ever. It’s more than just stepping into high heels for the mandatory Instagram holiday post: it’s a declaration of showing my family that I care enough to actually look presentable in front of them, and also a way of showing my mother that I still admire her sense of style.


So, this Thanksgiving I’m going to do what I always do: put on my dress, and do my makeup while watching the Thanksgiving Parade with dad.


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