Dramatic Coats That’ll Keep You Both Stylish & Warm

When I was a kid I hated wearing my winter coat. Sure, I’d probably get pneumonia, but I didn’t care. The puffiness, restricted-mobility, and downright ugliness of the children’s coats of the early ’00s was just too much for my heart to bear. Could you blame me? I wanted to run, play, and occasionally sneak looks at the older fifth-grade boys who were playing basketball on the playground without feeling like overstuffed poultry. Fast forward to high school, and I’d take a plump penguin over being cold any day of the week.  


Thankfully, coats have evolved since my days as an immature grade-schooler who wouldn’t be caught dead in anything with the word “puffer” in it. Now, winter coats are more than a sensible piece of clothing—they’re a stylish and essential part of my cold-weather wardrobe. 


Whether you’re looking to add a bit of drama to your closet or you’re only interested in keeping warm in the soon-to-be-fridged weather, here are a few winter coats that even my picky third-grade self would approve of. 


The Untraditional Trench Coat

Speaking of the ever-evolving thing that is fashion, the oh-so-traditional cotton trench coat isn’t so traditional anymore. According to J.W. Anderson, trench coats can be supersized with have balloon sleeves, or thanks to Balenciaga and Valentino, all-leather and shiny. 


Belted Checked Trench Coat 



Satin Trench Coat



Belted Faux Leather Trench Coat


Anything and Everything That’s Furry, Fluffy, and Warm

If there’s one thing I love, it’s a fuzzy coat. (Oh, how the times have changed.) Sweating or not, as soon as the first leaf falls, I’m decked out in faux fur. 


Oversized Faux Fur Coat



Foster Faux Fur Full-Length Coat



Tessa Dusty Blue Faux Shearling Coat


The Cape-Trench Hybrid

Not all superheroes wear capes, huh? I beg to differ. This year, the cape has made its way back onto the runway. But this time, it brought a sidekick—the trench coat.


Cape Trenchcoat



Draped Panel Wool Blend Cape Coat



Double Breasted Asymmetric Cape Coat 



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