Your New Fall Workwear

By a show of hands, who wishes to relive their grade school days one more time? We’re sure it’s a resounding yes and nothing less. A time where there wasn’t a care in the word beside passing the English test you barely studied for because you stayed up all night talking to your high school sweetheart. The blissful days of youth seem like a fading memory as the inevitable world of adulthood takes over.

Unfortunately, working is now your livelihood. We all know the daunting routine of Monday blues and all things Friyay, but why drag out the week with a drab ensemble? Yes, it may sound superficial but changing your outer appearance can alter your experiences and how you view your environment; work included.Auto Draft 17This season, brighten your stance on workwear one outfit at a time. Start by taking that schoolgirl plaid skirt and add a few inches to make it a midi, coupled with a boxy, oversize blazer. Balance it out by accentuating your waistline with a belt. Say bye-bye to miniature handbags and ride the wave of slouchy tote bags once more, so you can actually carry your notes for that business meeting in the morning. Accessorize further with cat-eye sunglasses, black leather booties, and colorful socks to showcase a bit of “anklage” (ankle cleavage, for the uninitiated).


Menswear Blazer

$149 $89.4


Annie Pull Through Leather Belt



Rosabell Pastoral Tartan Skirt, Size 12 - Green



55Mm Cat Eye Sunglasses - White



Mini Puzzle Calfskin Leather Crossbody Bag - Blue



Alva Bootie, Size 9.5 M - Black


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