‘You’s’ Joe Goldberg Is A Cancer Gemini Rising. Who Knew?

‘Tis the season to binge watch—and, the title on everyone’s tongue is Netflix’s You. The ten-part first season centers on bookstore-manager-turned-serial killer Joe Goldberg (aka Dan from Gossip Girl) and explores the dark side to dating in the age of social media. As you can imagine, its plotline provides for great commentary, and the people are having it.


As Joe stalks his love interest Beck through her text messages and social media accounts, we’re given a first-hand account into his creepy, yet seemingly logical thought processes. His innocent curiosity and lowkey social probing—something most of us is guilty of—quickly turns V sinister. And no matter how many people Joe kills, viewers have still found themselves sympathizing with him. So much so, that fans have been taking to Twitter to find out the answer to an even more pressing question: What astrological sign is Joe? Is it Scorpio or Gemini that makes someone a secret murderer? Yeah, we’re curious, too. So, we enlisted the help of astrologer Alice Bell, for a detailed explanation of Joe’s every last personality trait and possible influences, because naturally, that’s what one does after binge-watching You all weekend long.  


Sun sign: Your Sun sign is the zodiac sign you most identify with. It’s the sign you look to for your weekly horoscope, and it shows how you express yourself and your basic personality characteristics.


Joe’s Sun Sign is Cancer. With the Moon as his ruling planet, his moods are easily changeable. He’s very emotional about the people and things he cares about in his life, but at the same time, he’s also subject to a lot of emotional ups and downs. A Cancer’s moods are very dependent on where the Moon currently is in the sky, so if there’s a full moon or the moon is making a hard aspect to other planets in his chart, Joe would be more emotionally reactive and end up doing something he later regrets. He’s someone who easily spirals.


Cancer is a water sign. Water sign people tend to be very intuitive. They’re the ones who are always looking beneath the surface of things, wanting to know how people work. This explains his social media obsession and stalker qualities. They’re also immediately able to tell when someone is being fake, which Joe is able to do with Beck and all of the people in Beck’s life.


Cancer is the most nurturing of all the water signs, though, so Joe’s first instinct would be to take care of the people he values the most, such as Paco and Beck. “Sometimes, we do bad things for the people we love. It doesn’t mean it’s right, it means love is more important,” he says. Everything he does comes from a place of wanting to protect.


Cancer people also take pride in their homes and tend to be more introverted. This explains Joe’s aversion to large social events and his lack of a huge friend group. It’s harder for him to leave his own comfort zone and interact with the world, and he easily gets trapped in his own pessimistic thoughts. There’s a reason Cancer’s mascot is the crab.


Rising Sign: A Rising Sign is often just as important as a person’s Sun sign because it’s what comes across when someone first meets you. It influences how you look, how you dress, and how the rest of the world sees you.


Joe’s Rising Sign is Gemini. People with a Gemini Rising are constantly absorbing information. They’re avid readers and usually more active on social media and the internet. They like to share this information with people, so it’s easy for them to strike up conversations with almost anyone. Think back to the first episode of the series when Joe is able to immediately start flirting with Beck at the bookstore.


Gemini Risings need this constant flow of information or else they get restless. There’s no end to how much time Joe could spend stalking people on social media. If he can’t have access to someone’s phone or Instagram profile he grows anxious. Gemini also makes someone an overthinker—it’s very hard for people with strong Gemini qualities to rest their minds because they’re always over analyzing a person or situation. They’re the people who rewind past conversations over and over in their head, thinking about how they could have said something differently or more effectively. At the beginning of Joe’s interactions with Beck, he does just that. His stream of thoughts revolves around what he could have said differently that would make Beck more interested in him than she is in Benji or other guys from Tinder.


Gemini Risings have quick body movements. This explains how Joe is able to be so sneaky—he moves fast. Geminis also have garnered the bad reputation of having split personalities, which Joe clearly does. With Gemini as the Rising sign, this split personality is made even more apparent. Rising signs are often just as important in a person’s personality as their Sun or Moon signs are.


Mercury Sign: Your Mercury Sign influences your personal communication style and how you process your thoughts. It’s why some people are better with numbers while others have more artistic brains.


Joe’s Mercury Sign is in Gemini. Mercury never strays too far from the Sun in the sky—it either has to be in the same sign as a person’s Sun or the one right before or after. Gemini comes right before Cancer. And since Joe’s rising or ascendant line is in Gemini, Mercury would be in the first house of his astrological birth chart, further intensifying this constant need for information.


This would give him a more anxious personality, and constant thoughts that are very hard to get rid of. Mentally, he never gets any rest. Joe is always plotting against the people in Beck’s life, and he comes up with these elaborate explanations to explain the deaths of each person he kills. He is able to think on the spot and under stress because his mind literally never shuts off.


Moon Sign: Your moon sign describes your basic emotional nature. It represents the inner you, and how you instinctively react with your emotions.


Joe’s Moon is in Scorpio. A Scorpio Moon craves emotional intensity in all of their relationships. They’re easily able to see people for who they really are, and don’t tolerate people who aren’t genuine. Joe was easily able to read into both Benji and Peach’s characters and knew that Beck was having an affair with her therapist even after she denied it.


Scorpio Moons are unable to have meaningless, casual flings. They have very intense emotional needs, and if their partner doesn’t meet these needs they often get possessive and jealous. There are a lot of overly dramatic ups and downs, which they subconsciously create for themselves. There’s also just a general suspicion they have of their partners. Their emotions run deep, but they keep them so buried to the point where it’s hard for a Scorpio Moon to even address their own feelings. This became obvious in Joe’s personality when he went to see the therapist himself. The therapist tried to reason with Joe and address why he was so suspicious about Beck’s affair, but Joe had no real idea what the therapist was trying to get at. He had no interest in discussing his past.


Venus Sign: Your Venus sign shows how you love and how you act in a relationship. It also influences your material tastes and your approach towards money.


Joe’s Venus is in Pisces. Along with both Cancer and Scorpio, Pisces is another water sign. This would mean the majority of Joe’s chart is in water, explaining all the emotional intensity.


A Pisces Venus gives a lot of themselves to whomever they’re in a relationship with. They give and give, but rarely do they receive the same treatment in return. Their partners tend to take advantage of their kindness. Pisces Venus people put up with this behavior though from a partner. It’s like they’re always wearing rose-colored glasses when they’re in a relationship, and they can’t see the person they’re dating for who they really are. They put their partners up on a pedestal and willingly do anything for them. With Beck, Joe overlooked a lot of her flaws in the hopes that they would have this romantic, fairytale ending. She told him multiple times that she was a mess, but he ignored a lot of the problems they were having.


Pisces Venus people tend to fall in love with problematic people and make excuses for their partner’s bad behavior in order to justify it to themselves. They idealize their partners, and it’s hard for them to realize what a strong healthy relationship should look like. When it comes to love, they’re delusional. “The real horror of my life is not that I’ve killed some terrible people. The real horror is that the people I’ve loved didn’t love me back,” Joe says.


Mars Sign: Mars reveals how you express anger. It’s the reason why some people are more passive aggressive and bottle up their emotions, while others let their rage show.


Joe’s Mars is in Aries. Since Aries is a fire sign, having his Mars sign there means that it’s easy to tell when Joe is angry. His anger flares up really quickly, but it usually goes away just as fast. His anger is very impulsive.


When Peach or Benji did something to upset him, he immediately set out to hurt them. After knocking Peach out with a rock in the park though, he realized he may have killed her and he freaked out. It was never his intention to hurt these people, his anger just got the best of him. Joe didn’t sit around and plot these deaths, they happened so suddenly and seemed out of his control.


Aries Mars people are also very skilled at making quick decisions. They listen to their gut instincts and act immediately.


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