10 Celeb Halloween Costumes We Die For

This year, the level of enthusiasm surrounding Halloween seemed to be at an all-time high. We combed through the tangle of costumes to bring you some of the most over-the-top looks. Let the next 10 celebrities put a spell on you.


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Life in Plastic, It’s Fantastic.. 💕

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Who: Kylie Jenner


What’s her/his costume: Barbie


Reason for best costume: Kylie, the Queen of Filler, poking fun at herself about living a “life in plastic” is kind of iconic. Plus, where the hell did she find a life-size Barbie box? We can’t even think of where we would begin to look.


10 of the Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes 1


Who: Ike, Payton and Foster Barinholtz


What’s her/his costume: Han Solo, Yoda and the Jedi


Reason for best costume: Their commitment to the Star Wars theme is strong. 11 out of 10 stars.



Who: Countess Luann de Lesseps


What’s his/her costume: A nurse, pop-star, countess hybrid.


Reason for best costume: Leave it to the countess to attend a Halloween party dressed as a sexy, singing nurse version of herself.


Kendall Jenner Dressed as a Fembot for Casamigos

Kendall Jenner


Who: Kendall Jenner


What’s her/his costume: a Fembot from the Austin Powers movies


Reason for best costume: Any costume that gives you an excuse to drunkenly walk around saying, “Do I make you RANDY baby!?” is a good one.


10 of the Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes 6


Who: Jerry Seinfeld


What’s her/his costume: The Big, Bad Wolf in disguise


Reason for best costume: I wasn’t exactly sure what this costume was supposed to be at first, but it makes you do a double take, which is usually a hard feat to accomplish on Halloween. Plus, Jerry Seinfeld wearing a nightgown is not an everyday occurrence.



Who: Beyonce and Jay-Z


What’s her/his costume: Bey went as Flo-Jo and Jay went as Tommie Smith and John Carlos black power salutes, according to Vulture.


Reason for best costume: one word—icons!


Kaia Gerber as OG Riot Grrrl, Joan Jett


Who: The Gerber-Crawford family


What’s her/his costume: Rock legends! Kaia dressed as Joan Jett, Randy went as David Bowie, Cindy decided on Blondie. Presley is…Kid Rock? We’re not sure, but he makes a great case for bandanas and “guyliner.”


Reason for best costume: Bowie is really carrying the group, but all in all, the family carried the theme home.


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Halloween 2018

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Who: Kim Kardashian


What’s her/his costume: A Victoria’s Secret angel. Although, if you followed Kim K’s Halloween extravaganza on her Instagram Story,  you probably also saw her dressed up as Pamela Anderson with her friend Jonathan Cheban who dressed as Tommy Lee.


Reason for best costume: Because Kim is Kim, she was somehow able to get Victoria’s Secret to send actual runway looks for their show in New York in a few weeks, she revealed on her Instagram Story. That feat deserves an award in and of itself.


10 of the Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes 9


Who: Zoe Kravitz


What’s her/his costume: a chic vampire


Reason for best costume: Zoe Kravitz makes dressing like a vampire look like something I want to do on days that aren’t Halloween. If I could get away with it, I’d probably regularly wear some variation of this to work.


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Who: Heidi Klum


What’s her/his costume: Fiona from Shrek


Reason for best costume: I think the reasons here are pretty obvious. Heidi Klum is unrecognizable, as she transforms from supermodel to ogre.

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