Bring Some Girl-Power to Your Look With This 90s Trend

Empowered women empower women. (Point. Blank. Period). The 1990s is referenced as the “real decade” minimal makeup, reality television, normcore dressing, and Girl Power, baby! Nothing says 90s realness better than the slew of kick-ass women that created a united front towards female dominance and change. From Alanis Morissette to the Spice Girls, the 90s was riddled with finessed femininity that we can’t help but want to be a part of.  

What better way to commemorate female empowerment than dressing like those who paved the way? Fashion during the 90s, for the most part, was a mixed bag. Nonetheless, we’re still intrigued by all the quirky elements of chainmail, slip dresses, kitten heels, crop tops, peddle pushers, and everything in between.

Bring Some Girl-Power to Your Look With This 90s Trend

For this look, we kept things short, sweet, and to the point. A white semi-cropped tank top and low rise dark wash flare jeans à la Britney Spears with a dash of Christina Aguilera or Mandy Moore. One can’t do a 90s look without a pair of fresh kicks; try a crisp pair of white air force ones or any minimal sneaker would do the trick. Channel your best SJP with a miniature bag or “baguette” if you want to get technical (cue Sex and the City dialogue here) when Carrie corrects Burger when addressing her adorable accessory outside her west village brownstone.


rib knit fitted top - White



Large Gold Hoops



Beautiful Bell Bottom Jeans, Size 25 - Blue



Le Crop Bell jeans

$307 $184


Black Trotter Canvas Shoulder Bag



Theo Chain Choker


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