Chloe Sevigny is Creating Her Dream ‘90s Lipstick

Actress and style icon Chloë Sevigny is known, aside from her love of vintage clothes, for her tomato-red lipstick, a classic look that, like everything she dons, Sevigny makes her own. Now, she’s the new muse for environmentally conscious French lipstick brand La Bouche Rouge and has launched a bold red lip shade with them.

Titled, of course, Le Rouge Chloë, it’s an orange-red lipstick perfect for summer nights but also useful year round. The 43-year-old actress told Vogue, “I’m like a red-lips-with-everything kind of girl. Whenever I need an extra oomph I wear it. Like if I’m walking into a restaurant where I want to get a table… Ha! Make-up has the power to do so much, it’s so bold a statement.”

La Rouge Chloë is now on sale at Le Bon Marché, Barney’s New York, and also available online. The shade comes in La Bouche Rouge’s signature black leather case that can be refilled with any of the brand’s 12 shades of lipstick or four lip balms. The French brand is known for its sustainable practices that work to diminish plastic waste; additionally, all their lipsticks are free of paraffin and allergens.

The orange-red shade, which Chloë Sevigny typically wears with an otherwise bare face, is an energizing color. It was when a frequent collaborator Ezra Petronio, creative director of La Bouche Rouge, approached her with the idea that she warmed up to creating a signature shade. She told i-D, “My color is like the one I’ve been wearing over the years: an orange-red…It was trial and error, but there was just something so beautiful about the way their product feels on your lip. I don’t like to see too much maquilage.”


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