You Can Now Take a College Class About Frank Ocean

Because sometimes college can be cool, the students of UC Berkeley will soon be able to take a course based around singer and all-around creative Frank Ocean.

Titled “Brain Like Berkeley” after Ocean’s song “Novacane,” UC Berkeley student Preya Gill tweeted on June 15 that her school had approved a proposal based around the artistry of Ocean. Gill conceptualized the idea with her fellow second-year student Deborah Chang, and the two developed the course after being paired as roommates and bonding over the singer.

Gill and Chang told The FADER over email that the course will reportedly cover Ocean’s “artistic history, upbringing, background, musical influences, artist identity, and the way he challenges dominant social concepts such as toxic-masculinity and gender politics.”

“We want to encourage a deep literary exploration of his artistry both in lyrics and through his visuals and live performances. We hope to provide a safe environment where students can discuss his poetry and music with sensitivity, creative respect, and open-mindedness,” the pair said.

Gill and Chang also noted that the course even got the approval of Ocean’s mother.

The students told the FADER they would consider live streaming the course. UC Berkeley students will be able to sign up for the course in August on the school’s website.

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